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Famous Friendships: Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff

You might know them better as Rachel Berry and Jesse St. James, romantic rivals on Glee. You might not know that, in real life, they’re best friends.

The New York Times did a fabulous piece on Lea and Jonathan last week, just as he started his Glee guest-stint, and I kind of adore them.

The (very truncated) backstory: The duo originated the lead roles of Wendla and Melchoir in Broadway’s Spring Awakening. They met at an audition, fell in friend-love, and have been BFFs ever since.

Ok, first of all, when they sang Lionel Richie’s  “Hello” together last week I died a little. In fact I’m going to go buy it on iTunes now for inspiration.

I’m back—reinvigorated!—two repeats and a five-minute Glee rendition of “Like a Prayer” later.

These two are adorable. They talk every day. Their families spend New Years together. They only communicate in song. (Ok, I may have made that last one up, but they should. It’s silly they’d waste those voices on talking.)

Actually, my BFF Sara and I aren’t all that different. We can perform the entire “Halloween”-into-“Goodbye Love” sequence from Rent. It’s quite something.

After reading the Times article, I was struck by a few things. Like how Lea and Jonathan became best friends at work. And how they stayed best friends once they left the show and went their separate ways. (Another 15 minute break so I can watch YouTube videos of them performing Spring Awakening numbers on The Tonys and Good Morning America.)

But mostly, I was struck—and by struck I mean mildly disturbed—by the fact that their nicknames for each other are mom and dad. As in, “Sometimes I’m on the phone with Jonathan and I’m like: ‘Dad, I miss you so much. I can’t wait that you’re going to come over tonight and sleep in bed with me, and I can hold you all night long.’ The people that are next to me look at me all weird.”

Um, yeah they do.

Do you and your BFF have strange nicknames or habits that seem normal enough to you, but insane-slash-creepy to everyone else? My friend Julia and I have a dance move we do whenever we’re out together. I forget it’s weird until we bust a move in public and get crazy-person stares. And, if you’re a Glee watcher, what do you think of Mr. Saint-James? I vote keep him around for the vocals (but get Rachel and Finn together!).


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