I will be reading, answering questions and signing copies of Jennifer, Gwyneth and Me at the locations below. If you live in the area, come on by! I would love to meet you, and thank you in person for all of your support.

BOSTON, MA: Monday, July 7
Brookline Booksmith, 7 pm
279 Harvard St, Brookline, MA

LINCOLNSHIRE, IL: Tuesday, July 8
Vernon Area Public Library, 7 pm
300 Olde Half Day Road, Lincolnshire, IL

HIGHLAND PARK, IL: Thursday, July 10
Highland Park Public Library
494 Laurel Ave, Highland Park, IL

CHICAGO, IL: Wednesday, July 23
The Book Cellar, 7 pm
4736-38 N Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL

50 responses to “Events

  1. Scrolling down the list I kept thinking I hope she heads to Portland. Beaverton, good enough. Reading MWF right now and enjoying every date. Look forward to having you autograph my copy.

  2. Guy

    Come and do a talk in London, England. Your search is fascinating.

  3. I am hoping this list will someday say Texas. San Antonio, preferably. I enjoyed the book so much!

  4. Rose

    Come to Canada! πŸ™‚

  5. ShaWanda

    Hi Rachel! I’m looking forward to reading your book with my book club. I chose your book as my selection because as new transplant to the South, I encountered the same thing. I have two questions for you:

    1. Will you planning to do any readings or signings in the South over the next year? (in particular Mississippi)

    2. Would you consider posting a list of discussion questions, based on the book, that I could use for my book club? Maybe 10 or so questions that could really garner some in-depth discussion about the book and female friendships as a whole. Our next meeting is in March.

    Thanks kindly.

  6. ShaWanda’s suggestion for a list is excellent. I’ve been talking about the book with my neighbor/walking partner/ friend and it’s brought up all sorts of questions. Having a framework for directing the conversation would reduce the randomness.

  7. Rachel,

    LOVED your book! Looking forward to your reading and signing in Olympia!

  8. Stacy

    I’d love it if a stop in the DC area was added to this list!

  9. Christine

    I’m going to try and make it tonight in NYC! Can I buy a copy of the book at The Half King?? Either way, looking forward to hearing what you have to say and hopefully meeting you.


  10. Nicole

    Disappointed I can’t make it to the Chicago Book Cellar signing as I live close. Any other times you will be out and about in Chicago? We should gather a group of girls and do a BFF search.

    • As of now, the Book Cellar is my only event in Chicago proper (though I’m working on a couple more). I’ll keep you posted if that changes!

      I will also be at Highland Park on January 18.

      Thanks Nicole for your interest!

  11. Anonymous

    read your book and enjoyed it so….would have loved to have met you in boston but was not aware…maybe next time…..keep on writing rachel….

  12. Anonymous

    Could you make it over to Minneapolis/St. Paul? Tons of great bookstores that I’m sure would love to host you, and it’s not too far from Chicago. I’m reading the book on my B&N Nook but I’d buy a hardcopy to have you sign it!
    Loving the book, what a great idea and clearly something so many of us can relate to. Can’t wait to recommend it to my friends (old and new)!

    • Katie

      I put in a vote for Minneapolis as well! Rachel, you’ve inspired me to start my own journey of finding some new friends. In all honesty, my problem is that I work in a male-dominated field (aviation), and I haven’t “clicked” with any of the few female co-workers who work there. I would LOVE to be able to work up the nerve to ask a stranger out on a friend date like you did!

      • You can do it Katie! I recently had a long talk with a women who I convinced to “ask out” her radiation technician since they’d been hitting it off. Guess what? The radiation technician was thrilled! Now they have a shopping date. I say, go for it!!

  13. Ann

    Hi Rachel,

    My book worm BF just told me about your book and I have not been able to put it down. Just a day and I’m already half way through!!! So sad that I missed your LA reading. Will you be coming back?


  14. Hey there! I just finished your book, and I loved it! If I lived in Chicago and not Seattle, I might obsessively track you down and make you be my friend, though I’m sure your 150 spots are full-up. The point is moot, though, because I do not live in Chicago, so you are safe from my stalker tendencies, and I will try to show some self-restraint.

    That being said, I really appreciated the thoughtfulness that went into your books, as well as the research you put into it, and definitely have a different view of friendship now. I am inspired to be a better friends to my current friends, and to try and reach out to those around me, especially the friends I haven’t seen in a while because we are both lazy about following up.

    Oh, and the point of this reply: I’m really hoping to make it to your signing and reading in Olympia. It might be tricky, because I get back from California the night before, and I live 2+ hours north of Olympia, but I’d love to be able to meet you, and it would be a good excuse to see one of my bookish friends who lives in that area, and who I haven’t seen in a few years. Regardless, I’ll definitely be following your blog, and foisting your book onto as many of my girlfriends and relatives as I can.

  15. Jen

    Will see you in Olympia:)

  16. Katherine

    How long do your readings and signings generally last? I want to make it to your San Francisco event but I can’t make it right at 4.

    • My part usually lasts about an hour(ish)? You should definitely come, even if you are going to be late!

      The SF event is being co-sponsored by GirlfriendCircles and there will be speed-friending for those who are interested (it’s awesome!) so it will probably last a bit longer than normal. I’d love to meet you!

      • La Keisha

        This is so awesome. I just started reading your book and, like sooooo many others, I find comfort knowing I’m not the only person searching a friend. I am true Bay Area Girl (born and raised!) but like so many I moved away for love, work, and to start a family. Thankfully I live about an hour away from San Francisco (Sacramento suburbs!, I’m almost embarrassed to say) so I will CERTAINLY be there. I can’t wait….. Thanks for being brave enough to share your story…

  17. Hi Rachel…I have just begun reading and absolutely love it! I am in a similar place as well (living about 30 min from hometown, married, mom to 2 toddlers and really haven’t found that one person I can call whenever. I have a BFF, love her to death and whenever we do see each other, it’s like we pick up, right where we left off.

    Convinced my sister in law to get the book too…she’s reading it and loves it! Can’t wait to finish

  18. Rachel,

    Your reading and signing event in Olympia was a great experience for me – a first time attending a public library program, actually. I was very impressed with your generous time given to answer questions and share about your life experience on this book. Thank you! Congratulations on a great success with this book! I am excited to continue following your blog…I am a big fan!

  19. Hope

    Thank you so much for coming to Olympia, WA. It was great to meet you and your mom. πŸ™‚ Looking forward to finishing the book this weekend!

  20. Rachel

    Loved your book. Totally related to your plight – I want my own Babysitters Club group of friends too (I would like to be the Claudia, though Kristy is probably more within reach). I was inspired and will be trying out some of the same avenues of meeting people trying hard not to feel dorky. So sad that your SF reading is taking place during the Super Bowl. As a NYer raised on the Giants, I have to be in front of my TV. Will you be doing any other events in the Bay Area. I know there are often a lot of readings in Corte Madera at the Book Passage – maybe a doubleheader that night? πŸ™‚

  21. Anonymous

    Hey Rachel,

    I am reading your book now. It is very good. Would you ever come to Toronto, Canada? Would love to meet you! πŸ™‚


  22. How about Beaverton, Canada? we need a new teammate just like you and boy do we have good news for you, please continue with your work here and i look forward to blogging with you!

  23. I hope it works out to see you when you’re in DC. Otherwise, I’d love to meet up with you if you’re in town for a while. πŸ™‚

  24. Try China! I promise you’ll meet the most…eccentric…people here!

  25. Dear Rachel,
    Just wish if could fly to US right now and get to take camera phone picture with you and get to display our joint photo together on either You Tube or Facebook or Twitter or any other social networking utility media. I love people who make a difference in other people’s lives.
    I wish the world could know of the extreme brutality and cruelty done on innocent and defenceless lives in LESOTHO (tiny Kingdom in the sub-Saharan Africa), whilst the Government or State Authourities or Law Enforcement Angencies just neglect it as though an mere fly had be killed.
    my blogs on this link:

    Rachel, may you consider to open a branch in LESOTHO to sell your books, we already have bookshop, we sell and distribute motivational literature, visual-audio CDs, DVDs

  26. Glad to see you’re hitting DC, I’ll be there! =)

    I greatly enjoyed the book, my BFF and I have had similar conversations – it’s hard to meet people as you get older (we’re in our 30s) and that it takes a fair amount of effort.

  27. Tara Paleg

    Would love to see you in San Francisco!! Come see us!!

  28. Betsy

    Just finished the book – loved it and can completely relate after moving here with my husband a couple of years ago from NYC and a huge group of super close college friends that I miss terribly. I’m finding myself not as much on the same page as most of the few friends I expected to be besties with when first moving here, and you’ve inspired me to quit moping about that and do something about it! Oh, and “here” is Nashville, so I’m thrilled to see you’ll be here in just two short weeks!

  29. Lindsay

    I just finished MWF seeking BFF, and I’m so sad that I missed your trip to Nashville! Please come back someday πŸ™‚ I’m embarking on a similar journey – moving back to my college hometown and searching for new friends in my late twenties. Thank you for such an amazing and inspiring book!

  30. Anonymous

    What about an event in Philadelphia, Cherry Hill, NJ or Newark, NJ? Just finished the book and I truly enjoy it.

  31. Kim

    I just started reading “MWF Seeking BFF” and it’s like you put into words the thoughts and feelings I’ve had myself. Same situation, more or less. Married, living in Chicago, no BFFs in a 5 mile radius. You just were more proactive about it than I was. πŸ™‚ I’m excited to see that you’ll be at the Printer’s Row Book Fair, so hopefully more information is posted soon!

  32. jamie

    I just finished your book, and I loved it. I moved from Texas to Chicago in 2006 and have had such an issue making and keeping friends! I have struggled so hard to form and keep friendships. Friends get boyfriends, have babies or move away and suddenly the relationship disappears. Ironically, I moved as a single girl and wasn’t really that interested in marriage… I haven’t found a new BFF in Chicago even though I’ve tried, but I did wind up with a husband that I wasn’t even after! He’s dragged me to the burbs which has made things even harder, especially since we have no kids (and no intention of having any). Your book was so so very real, and honestly, it made me feel so much better about myself. I’ve struggled for 6 years wondering “What is wrong with me?!?! Why can’t I make friends here??” Clearly I know, it’s not JUST me! phew! Looking forward to your Printer’s Row event, paired up with Jenny Lawson… not too shabby!

  33. Carlitta

    What a wonderful book you’ve written! Finished it two days
    Im a 47 yr old with only two best friends 7 years away from NY an still no friends in my new home in northern VA.
    Thank you for validating my feelings on friendship! As I read your book at times I felt like I was reading about myself. Going to mail it to my bff in California.
    You’ve given me courage, hope and confidence in my own quest for friendship!
    Thanks again!
    Carlitta Reynolds
    Aldie, Va

  34. Allison

    Please come to Malaprops in Asheville, NC! Just finished the book and really liked and appreciated it.


  35. Kaila

    Your book has been so motivating to me! It makes me want to get even closer with my old friends and learn more about my new. I live in Wisconsin now but plan on relocating out of state around December. This book will be a great guide and im glad I read it before hand. Thank you for the insite! Very fun read, I learned a lot!

  36. Amy

    I am loving this book!!! My sister (I have no local friends) told me about it. I have a personal mind trainer now. Thank you.

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