5 Women I Love-Hate (But Mostly Love), Because Basically I Want to Be Them

It’s overwhelming admiration tinged with a bit of jealousy. (Let’s be real.)

Mindy Kaling. Duh.

Lena Dunham. I love this

Tavi Gevinson. She’s 18, people

Ann Friedman. Because this. And also this. And all of this

Jo Goddard. So much style

These are the ladies that inspire me on a daily basis. They also make me feel a little “what are you doing with your life, Tavi Gevinson is an Internet mogul at 18,” but mostly inspired.

Who is on your “love-hate-but-mostly-love” list?


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2 responses to “5 Women I Love-Hate (But Mostly Love), Because Basically I Want to Be Them

  1. gena

    ReallY? Stop wishing you were someone else & become a better version of yourself. You are setting a very dangerous example for your daughter. Maybe if you stopped comparing yourself with others it would be a good start. It’s about being satisfied with what you have & who you are – the people you want to be like are celebrities – i do not get it.

  2. Lena Dunham is a pervert just like Josh Duggar. She admitted sexually abusing her younger sister but has somehow escaped under the radar and has her own show. This is who you want to be?

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