29-Year-Olds Are The Most Popular


Twenty-nine was a good year. My first book was published. And I had all those new friends I made while working on said book. And I was still in my 20s! There was less grey hair, I’m sure of it.

Turns out 29 might be as good as it gets, at least socially. According to a new British survey, 29-year olds have an average of 80 friends, whereas the average person only has 64 friends. The 29-year-old popularity surge is due to still being tight with your besties from college, but also having made work friends too. Like Hannah Montana, 29-year-olds are in the best of both worlds (RIP Disney Miley).

I get this. At twenty-nine I was still more interested in going out on a Saturday night than staying in and playing Trivial Pursuit. I met lots of new people, and made it my business to connect other potential friends — thereby widening my circle. I was mature enough to network, and young enough to stay up past 10:30. All the makings for popularity! (At 32, my best nights include board games, take out, and lights off by 10. Jealous much?)

I mean, look at who is 29: Keira Knightley! Chace Crawford! Cristin Milioti! Do I want to be friends with them? Yes, please.

So, all you 29-year-olds out there, soak in those friends beating down your door. These are the glory days.

See you on the flip.

At what age do you think you had the most friends?



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8 responses to “29-Year-Olds Are The Most Popular

  1. I would have to say more of the middle of my 20’s. When I was at the end of my 20’s, my Lupus and Fibro became more active which forced me to leave my job. 😦 But my story is not “normal” so I don’t know if you would want to count mine in your quest for knowledge. 🙂

  2. Dating Fresh

    I’m 27 and most of my friends are actually pretty lonely- we’ve all moved to different parts of the country to start new lives. Many of the people we meet are already involved in relationships and it’s difficult to form new friendships. I would estimate age 21/22 as the years with the most friends, and if you’re in college you can actually still hang out with them instead of just sharing Facebook likes.

  3. Suzanna

    I think the 32-28 years are great..Women start to value friendship and laughing!, After having lost connections with childhood or college friends- or having relocated…friendships get their due appreciation.

  4. Jill

    I turn 29 in a few weeks and have a friend base that is a mile wide and an inch deep. My lack of deep connections and desire for a true friend is what drove me to your blog. Finding out that this is as good as it gets is actually quite depressing.

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  8. Maya

    I am currently 29 years old and things are a little different for me. 29 was actually the age I have had the least friends. I would say the pinnacle of my youthful adulthood so far would be the age of 20-22. I had SOOO many really close friends and it was the time I constantly reminisce about. Music Festivals, going to raves, renting hotel rooms, concerts, and part time employment where I made just enough to be independent and keep the party going. 🥺

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