I Covet: The Ideal Bookshelf

My daughter turns one this Sunday. That’s crazy because I’m pretty sure she was born last week. For her birthday, what I  want to get her—which is to say, what I want to get myself, because she’s one so she doesn’t know from gifts—is one of these Ideal Bookshelf prints from artist Jane Mount.

I love the Ideal Bookshelf series. Here’s a snippet from Mount’s mission statement: “I paint portraits of people through the spines of their favorite books: the ones that changed your life, that defined who you are, that you read again and again. ” Sometimes I get lost in her many bookshelf portraits, envisioning what my Ideal Bookshelf print would look like. Probably something like Little Women, The Things They Carried, Zeitoun, A Prayer for Owen Meany, Harry Potter, To Kill a Mockingbird. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

I’m not going to get Maggie the prints, because, again, it would really just be a gift to myself. And I have to save something for kid number two, should I be so lucky. But if anyone out there is looking to decorate a nursery, or an office, or a kitchen or I don’t know, anyroom, get Mount on the horn pronto. As your personal interior designer, I say you can’t go wrong with any of these:




All images via idealbookshelf.com

What would your ideal bookshelf look like?

Want a peek into my bookshelf? Or my kitchen? The Chicago Tribune ran this great profile last week, complete with a video of the books in my office. Check it out!


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7 responses to “I Covet: The Ideal Bookshelf

  1. HI there! Congratulations on your little one turning 1!

    As for the link to the Trib, cannot open without an account.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kirsten de Jager

    The link for the website idealbookshelf.com does not work.

  3. Callie

    I have the New York one! Love it. They all make me so happy!

  4. katieleigh

    I LOVE the Ideal Bookshelf prints. I haven’t splurged on one yet, but one of these days! I do have the book and love flipping through it.

    Happy birthday to Maggie!

  5. I have two of the cooking-related Ideal Bookshelf prints. I really think you should buy one for your daughter. She’ll have it forever, after all.

  6. Oh my goodness, I had never heard of this!!! I love it!!

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