What Should I be Reading Online?

I spend a lot of my day on the couch staring at the computer, not unlike the woman in this picture. Except, you know, my hair is less shiny, my clothes are less classy-casual, my nails are much less groomed and my smile is less smiley (except when reading this assessment of Blake Lively’s new lifestyle site, which had me laughing out loud, especially the “love affair with the past” part).

I do most of my reading on feedly, where I collect articles from my favorite sites. Which is to say my daily reading is usually made up of stories from the following sites: Jezebel, The Atlantic, The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, Vulture, People, BuzzFeed, NPR, Reality Blurred and The Happiness Project.

I click on a lot of links I find on Twitter or Facebook. I read stories that friends email to me. Sometimes I hit up Grantland or Rookie. I read friends’ blogs, like this one and this one. I fall into the black hole that is the Internet more often then I’d like to admit.

But reading and researching is part of my job. Ideas for books and magazine articles and blog posts… a lot of them start with a story I’ve read online or in a newspaper or magazine or book. And so I want to expand my online library. There will always be more to read than I have time for, but I want to add to my to-read queue anyway.

So I’m asking you: Where do you do your favorite online reading? Which blogs, newsmagazines, daily newsletters? I’m curious to find great stories, wherever they may be. Especially if they’re more off-the-beaten-path than the sites I mention above. Enlighten me, dear readers! What should I be reading?

Chicago friends! I’ll be reading tonight from Jennifer, Gwyneth & Me at The Book Cellar in Lincoln Square at 7 pm. Please come! I’d love to see you there. I may or may not bring a tutu. 


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8 responses to “What Should I be Reading Online?

  1. Emily

    I recently signed up for Skimm, which sends me an email every weekday morning that highlights the major news events of the day. They write so cleverly! Each blurb is informative, and written in a way that helps me understand what’s going on, and humorous! I look forward to that email each day! Other than that, most of what I read comes from my Facebook news feed, so the sources vary.

  2. Amy

    Oh, I love this post because I’m always looking for great reading, too! Because I have a pre-schooler, I read a lot of mommy blogs/websites. But, there are a few blogs that I couldn’t live without — (1) Aidan Donnelly Rowley’s “Ivy League Insecurities” is awesome! and (2) Lindsey Mead writes thought-provokingly at “A Design So Vast.” Neither Aidan nor Lindsey write exclusively for mothers, but instead, address life in general. Together, they are currently working on a project called “The Here Year,” which focuses on being present in one’s life. I also really love Shawn Fink’s “Abundant Mama” website — her writing is more geared toward mothers and mindfulness/intentional living. I can’t wait to read what other people recommend!

  3. most have already been mentioned, but my new love is Business Insider. They send apx 6 email newsletters a day , covering topics from actual business to really expensive real estate tours and entertainment

  4. My blog! http://www.mairhill.com. I’ve been a fan of yours for a while. LOVED your first book, pre-ordered the second (my son is reading it first.) I’m writing a book too. My blog is more personal development but it’s also informative – this week was our road trip, complete with itinerary from Chicago to South Dakota.

  5. Sometimessweet.com is hands down my favorite blog. I also enjoy braveinlove.com, dooce.com, girlsgonechild.com, hellogiggles, & thewellwrittenwoman.

  6. norma moore

    Inspirational. Humor. Encouragement. I confess that I would love (and need) friends _a bff would be a gift from God. Through circumstances too long to put here, I have become isolated & rather apprehensive. I’m in my fifties, in a difficult marriage & have some pain issues, but have a heart for women going thru things that are changing who they are or want to be. We wonder what our purposes are in this life & sacrifice more for others. The book As A Man Thinketh is a constant go to for me.

  7. I really like Gretcheninbetween.com, formerly Honey, I Shrunk The Gretchen. She’s a writer, a yelp event planner, adventurer, and very personable.

    I also like Aileen’s blog, armypantsandflipflops.com

    Hers is a personal blog, but she’s got a way of writing that just draws you in, like you’re listening to a friend. It’s just wonderful. The gads of photos from her work with doggies at the ASPCA help 😉

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