How to Escape a Polar Vortex (Or, In My Dreams I am Sarah Jessica Parker)


The polar vortex has me in a rut. Nothing too serious, but the past few days have definitely been an “it’s too cold to leave the house so why even change out of my pajamas?” situation.

Such are the dangers of working from home. In spending a year trying to channel my favorite celebrities for my upcoming book Jennifer, Gwyneth & Me, I was able get myself in the habit of getting dressed in the morning (I know this shouldn’t even need to be a habit and instead, like, common courtesy, but it’s surprisingly easy to find yourself at 4 pm still in PJs) but polar vortexes throw a wrench in that lifestyle. The temperature was something like -11 degrees yesterday. It hurt to breathe when I left the house to get my diet coke.

As a result, I’ve spent a lot of time daydreaming about vacations. For some reason I can’t stop thinking about Paris, which is strange because it isn’t especially warm there either (though it’s currently 42 degrees, which I’d take in a heartbeat). And my daydreams aren’t even of regular Paris, but specifically of Carrie-Bradshaw-at-the-end-of-Sex-and-the-City Paris. You know, when she’s wearing the striped top with the big rose, or meeting bookstore owners who want to throw her impromptu dinner parties with too much wine. In my daydreams,  I am the one carrying the red umbrella and wearing the polka-dot dress and heels, despite knowing that walking cobblestone streets in heels is difficult and painful and horribly un-graceful and I would most definitely sprain an ankle.

Am I the only one who does this? Does anyone else find themselves fantasizing not just of warmer climates, but of themselves as fictional characters IN those climates? Someone out there has daydreamed of being Audrey Hepburn outside Tiffany’s, right? Or in The Holiday’s version of LA, Kate Winslet-style? Maybe I should just put on some heels and walk around the house. It’s not Paris, but heels may be the lift (har har) I need.


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9 responses to “How to Escape a Polar Vortex (Or, In My Dreams I am Sarah Jessica Parker)

  1. All the time. Harry Potter on the tube in London. Amelie in Paris (though I’d take CB in Paris too) and Eat Pray Love lady in Italy, because she didn’t have to do anything in Italy but eat. Good luck on the book!

  2. Rachel, I do this all the time, and I thought I was the only one! This is a random one, going back in the day… do you remember Anne of Green Gables on PBS? All those rolling green hills of Avonlea, and the puffed sleeves and raspberry cordial and kindred spirits? That totally does it for me when I’m feeling sick of city life (which is almost never, haha).
    With Sex and the City, though I like the Paris wardrobe and hotel room (and the fact that Mr. Big came to find her, awww), I prefer New York Carrie over Paris Carrie. Paris Carrie is so unhappy and lonely! I just want to sit on Carrie’s front stoop and eat cupcakes with my friends, while wearing fabulous clothing. Like you I also like to imagine I’m Holly Golightly in, uh, New York again–shoplifting and risking pneumonia seem completely okay when you’re doing it with George Peppard. 😉

  3. katieleigh

    I’ve definitely dreamed of being in The Holiday, or being in Paris a la Sabrina Fairchild, or in Julia Roberts’ delightful small town in Runaway Bride. And, of course, in Kathleen Kelly’s NYC apartment in You’ve Got Mail.

    This polar vortex is awful. But we’ll get through it…though I’m sure hopping over to Paris wouldn’t hurt.

  4. Anonymous

    Ha so glad to hear I’m not the only one that does this. My husband thinks I’m crazy. I actually begged him to take me to paris and then I was disappointed how “unglamorous” it was there. I even made him goto all the spots where old Hollywood hung out. It’s definitely usually in the winter and when I’m in a funk. I say put on those heels and makeup and walk around the house. Ps so glad your blogging again!

  5. Nope – I’m just imagining being me, swimming and jumping waves in the Gulf of Mexico, in Cancun..trying to squeeze my post baby body into my pre-baby bathing suit… pina colada and a good book waiting for me back on the beach under an Umbrella….

  6. I’m in London where it’s less polar vortex and more like cold monsoon. So I’m dreaming of warm beaches and imagining I’m starring in a cheesy rom-com – a bit of Kate Hudson with a sprinkling of Jennifer Aniston.

  7. I’ve been marathoning 10 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. Sometimes I leave the house forgetting that I am not Meredith Grey. I’ve even picked up some of her mannerisms. Talk about getting wrapped up.

  8. I imagine myself in all sorts of places abroad, but always as me. 🙂

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