The Golden Globes Will Be a BFF Fest

The Golden Globes are on Sunday! Award shows are the best, and my favorite is always this booze-heavy celebration of both TV and film. That it’s being hosted by everybody’s favorite pair of Best Friends Forever just makes it more exciting. And probably funnier. And it will probably have you wishing, even more than you already are, that Tina and Amy would just make room for you at their brunch table.

(OMG I just learned that there was once actually an auction to be their third BFF. And obviously the winner had the best time ever. Duh.)

Since the show is also a celebration of all the megastars I’m embracing in my current Year of Living Celebrity Fabulousness, I’ve got the double excitement.

For those of you wondering what these grown-up BFFs have in store for us, or why everyone is gaga for Fey and Poehler, I present you with this:

Will you be tuning in on Sunday?

Chicago! Shasta Nelson, author of the upcoming book “Friendships Don’t Just Happen!” and founder of, will be leading  a “Friendship Accelerator” in Chicago on Sunday, February 10. It’s a full-day retreat with a small group of women that Shasta says is “the most effective way of fostering new friendships.” Watch the invitation on YouTube, and, get more information–and an application!–here. It sounds fantastic! (I’ll be out of town otherwise I’d be applying myself.)


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4 responses to “The Golden Globes Will Be a BFF Fest

  1. The Golden Globes were first aired in the middle of the night on TNT and were not a big deal except for a few totally addicted fans. I was one of them.
    It was always a fascinating event because every star I either wanted or wanted to be was in attendance. Can’t remember when the rest of the world caught on, but I am ever so grateful because I’ve never, ever missed one. Even when Pia Zadora won for best newcomer. Does anyone remember her?
    I begin my evening at 6 with the red carpet and let it go until it’s over. I like Joan Rivers’ comments on the Fashion Police, too. You don’t have to enjoy her to watch her fashion wrap up.
    This year there was almost a conflict when a business/friend of my husband’s wanted to have dinner Sunday night. OMG Crazy, right?
    Anyway, I rescheduled for another night never mentioning the reason I wouldn’t go on Sunday. And, yes, I have 2 dvrs, but then the world would know before me who won and who slurred and who fought, etc.
    These are much more interesting than the Oscars with all the technical awards and boring acceptance speeches, but then they are, after all,
    THE ACADEMY AWARDS. And, which would you rather have?

  2. I’m not a die-hard fan but will most likely watch it. I love watching movies but it’s been so long since I have seen one!

  3. Amy Nardin-Pepin


  4. I was over at Unabashedly Poetic and saw all the props she gave you for Blog of the Year and thought I would come by and check you out. I did tune in on Sunday and they were hilarious, better than Anne Hathaway at the Oscars that’s for sure.

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