The Hard Facts: New Year, New You

It’s Research Wednesday! Where I share the latest, or most fascinating, in the science of friendship.

“Reading more books has topped a list of most popular New Year’s resolutions, according to a survey. The poll conducted by LA Fitness asked 2,000 people what their aims for 2013 are. Saving money and losing weight are the second and third most common resolutions respectively, ahead of redecorating and taking better pictures.” (“Top 40 Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions for 2013 Revealed,”

While neither “make new friends” nor “spend more time with friends” are on this list, plenty of the most popular resolutions have to do with socializing “better.” By better, I mean mostly in person, and with people that make us feel good about ourselves.

Here’s the list of all 40:

1. Read more books
2. Save more money
3. Lose weight
4. Redecorate
5. Take better photos
6. Go traveling
7. Sell old unwanted stuff on eBay
8. Buy a tablet
9. Organize photos
10. Do something for charity
11. Spend more time with kids
12. Buy a Sunday paper
13. Less TV time
14. Connect my computer to my TV
15. Leave work on time more often
16. Less time on Facebook
17. Totally revamp my wardrobe
18. Try a new hairstyle
19. Get a six-pack
20. Eat less chocolate
21. Socialise more in real life rather than Facebook
22. Drink less alcohol
23. Buy less coffee from Starbucks/big chains
24. Start my own business
25. Tell someone I have feelings for them
26. Quit smoking
27. Gain a promotion
28. Learn how to use Twitter
29. Run a half or full marathon
30. Call people more than text
31. Cut someone out of my life who isn’t good for me
32. Meet online contacts in real life
33. Watch less reality TV
34. Text people less
35. Try to save relationship
36. Try extreme sports
37. Get better at social networking
38. Stop contacting/going back to an ex-partner
39. Have a face-to-face with my boss to find out where I stand
40. Do a bungee jump

Life has gotten crazy lately (whose hasn’t?) and I let this site slip during the holidays, so my resolution is to get back to blogging! I hope to see you all here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

And if your resolution is the ever-popular “read more books,” might I suggest MWF Seeking BFFIt’s a fun, easy read, and the perfect push you need to kick-start your year of better socializing.

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?


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20 responses to “The Hard Facts: New Year, New You

  1. I’ve recommended “MWF Seeking BFF” to lots of friends and even my book club, I loved that book! I think 2013 is going to be a GREAT year, I’m looking forward to the experiences, challenges, and opportunities ahead.

    Nicole @ Three 31
    2013 Resolutions —>

  2. Janelle

    My resolution is to show my kids more grace and compassion. Kids are snots these days and I think a lot of that comes from parents. I want my kids to be gracious and compassionate and feel blessed with what they have.

    I read too many books and I lost weight last year, I’m already tight with money so I figure my attitude could be improved for the benefit of the kiddos too!

  3. My resolution is to graduate college finally and get a good job. Then lose weight!

  4. Reblogged this on Omar Kurdi and commented:
    Top 40 New Year Resolutions!! Pretty interesting

  5. beatricecamille

    Interesting how a lot of people actually notice that the world is becoming so small because of technology, but fail to socialize outside the boundaries of their laptop and internet connection.

    For my new year’s resolution, I’ve decided to start a blog, 🙂

    Looking forward to more posts from you!

  6. Deborah - d.mooncrab

    Many of these can become items on my list!

  7. Reblogged this on Ania's Blog 🙂 and commented:
    Interesting and thought-provoking… for any of you who intend to read more, I suggest goodreads!

  8. Tanya

    I don’t make new year’s resolutions cause I know I won’t even make it through January 1st without breaking them. But I did make one that I might be able to stick to – eating healthier. I didn’t say ‘healthy’ I said ‘healthier’ which means it’s ok to eat crap sometimes, but for the most part make better choices than previously. 🙂

  9. I have been reading the book and it is a great inspiration and full of ideas for finding new friends.

  10. Anonymous

    I resolve to use my time more purposefully, to not spread myself thin. I resolve to use FB as a tool for relationships, not as a basis. I will use Skype to maintain and fortify a friendship with a dear friend who will be in another country for a year. I’m going to read War And Peace.

  11. Write more and read more in English.

  12. I don’t make resolutions because I just forget about them a minute later but I do have some goals to achieve such as get a better job, sell some art work, stuff like that.

  13. Jessica B.

    Hi Rachel,
    I sent you an email about possibly joining our book club meeting discussion, but I didn’t hear back from you. Still hoping that you might be able to make it (January 9th). Please contact me at for more information. Thanks, and happy new year!

  14. Jessica B.

    Not to leave anything to chance, I wanted to follow up on the blog to let you know that I just sent you another email. Hopefully you received it! Thank you.


  15. Shannon

    I just finished reading MWF seeing BFF and it was great. I really enjoyed reading your journey of making new friends. It has inspired me to take some risks this year to meet new people and potential new friends. Thank you!

  16. Ellen Lederman

    I find it interesting (and a little discouraging) that there was no mention of making new friends and enhancing relationships. It seemed kind of cold to me—-like the one about establishing more contacts. And just “socializing more” seems kind of superficial. I think this does reflect where society is at these days…

  17. my friend (on another coast) pointed me to your blog, we’d recently talked about how I’d moved (again) and am realizing how few friends I have close by (none actually) and how I would like that to change but either don’t knwo how or I’m too scared (anxious) half the time to put myself out there (its harder as we get older and I hate joining poorly qualified quasi singles events!). Anyway looking forward to reading more from you.

    My New Year’s Resolution was “to see the sunset every day, or almost every day” and I’ve been blogging about it here. It’s been an interesting experience.

    ps. I lol’d about “connect my tv to the computer” what? is that really a resolution for some people!? I like how it was followed and preceeded by comments about backing off facebook or meeting people in real life!

  18. Anonymous

    Rachel, before you compare someones IQ to Albert Einstein you should do your research. Everybody lists Einsteins IQ at 160 but the fact is that he was never tested. They estimate that is was between 160-190, some say over 190. You should correct you story and the man credit.

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