BFF Holiday Gift Guide 2012

Christmas is coming! Hanukkah too. And what you really want to get your bestie is a throwback necklace. You will take the “Be Fri” and she’ll get the “st ends.” (The Be Fri is so obviously the better half.)

But those necklaces are so 1991.

The good news? The ’90s are back, just slightly upgraded.

Here, the modern-day half-heart necklaces and friendship bracelets that make for the perfect BFF stocking stuffers., $80, $84

Because they’re like the old school necklaces, only better.$product410x615$

Anthropologie, $28

Because DIY is so 2k13. Why buy one bracelet, when you can buy a whole bracelet making kit, and have a TGIF jewelry party?

Target, $29.99

Because it’s winter. And these are awesome.

And two bonus gifts for those tried-and-true pals…

Kate Spade, $78

Because she’s held your hair more times than you can count.

Spencers. $9.99

Because it’s true. (And it’s better than another Starbucks card.)

What are your favorite BFF holiday gifts?


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6 responses to “BFF Holiday Gift Guide 2012

  1. These iphone cases are kind of pricey but super cute!

  2. anariffic55

    Thank you, these ideas are priceless. We’ve been so broke the past couple of years, we make all of our gifts, usually preserves and baked goods utilizing the summer fruits from the year and making sure my BFF’s best friend (dog) is covered, too, with home made dog treats. When things get a little better, I hope to get one of those puzzle piece necklaces, because it’s SO COOL! ;-]

    Thanks again for these nifty ideas.


    • KGN

      We make a 4 hour “date”, we go to brunch then walk around the city- mostly window shoping. We both like to eat, but don’t really NEED anything- except each other’s time.

  3. Haha definitely getting that mug for my bestie. And I love the puzzle piece necklace. So cute! What great suggestions.

    Love, B

  4. amommys2cents

    I knitted my bestie a scarf 🙂

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