My BFF Is Here!

Do you ever feel like your friends have a radar for exactly when you need them? I was sick last week and have been feeling crummy for a bit since, and suddenly my BFF Sara tells me she has a work trip and is spontaneously coming to Chicago for the weekend! She absolutely could not have timed this trip better — it’s the perfect pick me up!

So of course we will have the perfect girls night: Twilight (VIP movie seating!), drinks, snacks and probably some late-night girl talk. Boys not included. Honestly, is there anything better?

Tell me folks: What does your perfect girls night look like?


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7 responses to “My BFF Is Here!

  1. My perfect girls night includes a whole lot of talk about fashion, hair, makeup. We may or may not get to watch a movie because of the lengthy converstaions. Umm, we will do nails, hair, cook (definitely). If it’s with my sisters we will totally act a fool. Play hide and seek. truth or dare, fashion, and eating (of course!)

  2. Suzannah

    Wine and warm yummy food …sitting on a couch in snuggly pj`s:-)

  3. It’s amazing reading about your search, I have been trying to establish what it means to be a good friend since I was 5 and still, not sure what it entails.. I live in London for 5 years now, no friends nearby except the ones I have tried to harvest since my arrival, it’s not easy.. It helps that you have a family cause otherwise it would stop being fun quickly.. But I do enjoy the search and treasure every moment with a new “potential” good friend.. i’m happy with ANY girls night out.. doesn’t need to be perfect haha, do I sound sad? I just enjoy being with girls when I can. It’s ALWAYS interesting and it always involves lots and lots of talking, if I have may way it also involves responsible drinking..

  4. Dinner and maybe a movie. But usually just convo while the kiddies play.

  5. This question is timed perfectly, as my husband and his friend are going out tonight, so my friend and I have had this date scheduled for five months. I’m thinking Mediterranean or Indian food with some good, long conversation over coffee.

  6. Exactly like that: movie, junk food, wine, girl talk 🙂

  7. Casey

    Perfect BFF night for me is driving around, music blasting, singing our hearts out. We have been known to (in the summer) run through the sprinklers that go on at night at the office buildings by our houses…(who seriously waters the grass at night?!)

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