Friendship With Benefits

A friend of mine started a blog recently and I just have to share it. This lady is one of those friends that is more Facebook than real-life. I adore her, but we met through a mutual bestie and we’re not really in contact one-on-one. But we’re Facebook friends, and that was enough to alert me to her blog: Friendships With Benefits. Here’s the gist, as blog creator and friend Fallyn explains it:

Friendships With Benefits was created to share, learn and connect.  I’ve asked all my friends to teach me something.  It can be anything and while you teach me, I’ll be recording with my IPhone.  The point is everyone has something to teach.  Everyone has value and something to give.  You don’t have to be an expert or even do it that well.  You just need to know the steps and be able to communicate it to another human.  Friendships with Benefits allows me to hang out with my friends, learn new skills and share it with the world.  Some lessons have been planned and some are very impromptu.   I’m super excited you’re here.  Stay awhile and learn something new from the special people in my life.

So far Fallyn’s friends have taught her how to make a mean sangria, how to juggle, how to create just-from-the-beach hair, how to clarify her career and more. I think it’s a fabulous idea, and is a great reminder that even our oldest friends have new things to teach us. Fallyn’s blog makes me want to do the same with my own friends–I know that Julia could teach me how to fold a shirt J. Crew-style, Jordan could teach me how to make a sock bun, and Mia could teach me how to make my own sushi. Suddenly you’re seeing your old friends in a new light! Who needs new friends when you could have new old friends?

So check out Fallyn’s blog, or like it on Facebook. And Fallyn — call me! I’ll teach you how to do a roundoff and a cartwheel! What could you teach Fallyn? Ever realized an old friend had something new to teach you?


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6 responses to “Friendship With Benefits

  1. Reblogged this on Pinstripe Pumps and commented:
    Very cool idea! Friendships with Benefits, everyone has something to teach you…you just have to be willing to listen 🙂

  2. Lovely Idea! Wish I had a friend to teach me to make sushi 😉
    I could probably teach my friend to bake gluten free or run a longer distance!

  3. Jen Q

    I have always believed we should learn at least one thing from everyone we meet, close friend or not. I have learned more then I could list. A Chinese saying is “A master is someone who knows one more thing then you do.” I love learning from my friends, but I have to say I have learned a fair few important things from aquantences and strangers too! Learning things from each other, crafts or cooking or life lessons and more, is a great benifit of friendship and maybe a good reason why we humans are social to begin with.

  4. Reblogged this on Ania's Blog 🙂 and commented:
    Great idea – teaching each other what you know.

  5. Rachel-thank you so much for sharing my blog with your community. And thank you so much to everyone for all your positive feedback. I must say, it’s just the beginning and I’ve had so much fun and learned a lot thus far. I’m excited to continue learning and sharing wherever I go! Thanks again! Much love xo

  6. It’s a very good idea!
    we Italians should participate in this initiative,too! I will do it!

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