This Is What It’s Like To Be Friends With Me

This morning I was leaving my house to drive to dance class and my car wasn’t there. I checked our outdoor spot, then our indoor spot (we have two!) and nothing. I called Matt to tell him the car was missing.

“Let me look one more time,” I said.

“It’s kind of hard toย miss a car in a parking spot,” Matt replied.

After all this time I’m flattered he would give me so much credit.

I went outside again. Nothing.

Some bastard had sauntered right into my alley and stolen my car! Damn him. Or her. (I believe in thief gender equality.)

And then I remembered. Yesterday I drove to get a wax because it was the last on my list of errands. I never drive to the wax place, so by the time my appointment was over I forgot I’d driven and walked home.


This story has nothing to do with friendship per se, but it’s the kind of stupid thing I do and then immediately call my besties to share. And we’re all friends, so there you go.

Also, I was with a new friend who has major potential, so it was especially embarrassing. But a good early lesson for her in what it takes to be my pal. Whenever I go anywhere with Callie she has to follow me around to be sure I don’t lose the glasses I put on a random table or forget the phone I set down in a dressing room.

It’s not easy being my BFF. Never said it was.




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23 responses to “This Is What It’s Like To Be Friends With Me

  1. This was funny and totally friend worthy. What’s the point of being friends if you can’t help your friend out? LOL

  2. Callie

    I am very glad that I got a shout out in that post!

  3. movingonmyown

    I’m blonde (literally and figuratively). I totally understand ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. OMG…you are my wife’s soul mate… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Be encouraged!

  5. Bawahahahahaha! Thanks so much for this post, too funny!

  6. ha! totally pulled a similar move earlier this week. at the beach (with hat & glasses on), then suddenly freaked out about forgetting my glasses. “I can’t believe I forgot my glasses! oh well, at least I have my hat.” boyfriend says, “they’re on your face.” “oh, right.” ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. Shannon

    Rachael, I. just. did. this. today!! I am fortunate enough to be able to walk to work, but had to move my car this morning for street cleaning, so I drove in. Yup, not until I had already walked home and left my apt to walk to get my nails done did I realize what I had done! I laughed at myself all the way on the walk back to the car. (Sadly, I’ve actually been waiting for this to happen because, really, it was just a matter of time, lol.) You are not alone, sister!!

  8. Lady T

    Very funny story. I just have to say I’m jealous of anybody who can walk to their important places. I live in L.A. and that would be but a dream for me.

  9. hehe, my husband used to do this all time when he’d finished work. You can imagine how happy he was to have me waiting at home, asking “where’s the car?” when he’d just hiked for 50 minutes home after a long day at work.
    At least you remembered before you took it further!

  10. Pat

    Many years ago, my husband did the same thing and it has proven to be useful ammunition on more than one occasion!!!

  11. Seriously, Bertsche! Why are you exactly like me?

  12. Mom

    This makes me feel great! When I did the exact same thing, you told me I was totally crazy. This is proof that you are my daughter!

  13. Victoria

    YIKES! that would have freaked me out! I’m glad you remembered where it was ๐Ÿ™‚ Silly things like that making you laugh the most afterwards

  14. I’d be the one following you around remembering your glasses, keys & phone – that seems to be my role in friendships.

  15. I have always counted on friends to play the role of back-up memory, and to tell me why my car isn’t moving when I push the gas while I’m still in neutral.

  16. Jen

    “Dude, where’s my car?” “Where’s your car dude?” “Dude, where’s my car?” “Where’s your car dude?” “DUDE!!”

  17. So, I wrote a response to this posting and then realized that I commented under the wrong section (it’s under Friends Don’t Let Friends), so I’m probably more like you than I realize. I keep misplacing my comments!

  18. Oh, I think you and I could get ourselves in so much trouble…the other day I stood outside my front door for way too long pushing the “unlock” button on my car keys and trying to figure out why they front door of my house wouldn’t unlock! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. jesusfreakgirl

    Sounds like something I would do. Whenever I go shopping with my BFF, she always forgets where she parked her car. Good thing I’m there to remind her…most of the time.

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