Books and More Books!

I’m so excited to share this official announcement about my next book, coming to bookstores near you in early 2014!

Author of MWF SEEKING BFF, Rachel Bertsche’s JENNIFER, GWYNETH AND ME: The Pursuit of a More Perfect Existence, One Celebrity at a Time, about the author’s efforts to improve her life by emulating the aspects of A-list stars’ lives that she (to say nothing of our celebrity-obsessed culture) most admires, such as Jennifer Aniston’s workout regime, Gwyneth Paltrow’s kitchen, and Tina Fey’s work ethic, to Jennifer Smith for Ballantine Trade Paperbacks, by Kari Stuart at ICM (world).

I’ll be continuing to blog about all things friendship here, so don’t go away, though I may pick your brain re: your celeb obsessions every now and then. Starting now: If you could be BFFs with any celebrity–any one at all!–who would it be?

Friends in Florida! I’ll be reading from MWF Seeking BFF on Wednesday night, 5/16, at Books &  Books in Coral Gables. 8 pm. Please come say hi! 


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29 responses to “Books and More Books!

  1. Congratulations!

    Which celebrity would I be friends with? Jason Segel, definitely. Female celebrities, I don’t know – all I really hear about any of them is who they’re dating and whether their weight has changed, so I don’t have much of a feel for which of them would be fun to spend time with.

    • tm

      Good Call on Jason Segel, I wouldn’t have thought about him, but he does look like a lot of fun. He seems to laugh all the time.

  2. zooey deschanel maybe…or elle fanning 🙂

  3. Hooray! I can’t WAIT to read it … what a fascinating topic. Emma Stone for sure. She seems like such a smart, quirky person, and I love how on the red carpet this year she said she learned to code on the computer from an early age and mentioned how very cool her parents were. xox

  4. Nancy

    I’d be BFFs with Jessica Alba hands down. I follow her on social networks and she is by far one of the most genuine celebrities out there. She shares moments of her personal life with ease and honesty. She’s normal! I don’t think being famous has ever taken over that girl’s head. She’s amazing.

  5. Congrats! Jennifer Aniston is my favorite celeb by far…can’t wait to read the next book!

  6. Jen

    Very cool, can’t wait! I had a dream the other night that I was BFFs with Princess Kate – that was awesome!

  7. Janelle

    Congrats! You’re on a roll lady! Keep ’em coming!

    Celeb BFF? Probably Reese Witherspoon. She seems so down to earth. Emma Stone a close second, she’s adorkable (and I’ve been called the same thing!).

  8. Reese Witherspoon or Jennifer Garner!

  9. Amazing news!
    My celebrity BFFs would probably be Jennifer Garner or Kate Winslet

  10. Beth M

    Zooey Deschanel or Scarlett Johansson. They both seem pretty smart and seem to walk the line between indie and blockbuster type movies. Although, Natalie Portman or Anne Hathaway would be my next choices.

  11. I’m so excited! I’ve been dying to know about your WIP! It sounds great. I think I would have to be BFF with Kate Hudson or Sandy (you may know her as Sandra) but since she and I ran the same 5K once, we are on a first name basis.

  12. Sharein Dickens

    If I could be BFF with any celebrity right now it would be Ian Somerhaulder for the pure fact of all the great work he is doing with the Ian Somerhaulder Foundation. He is working not only to help teach teens about their affect on the enviroment, both directly and globally, but he is also an animals rights activists. Plus, who wouldn’t want to spend long days with him on the beach cleaning up 😉

  13. I’m so glad you asked– I love to gush about my desire to be friends with Giada De Laurentiis, the Food Network Star. I actually think we’d get along so well. My children and friends tease me about wanting to meet her and thinking she’d appreciate my love of things she loves. And, I did get to meet her–at her April book signing in Williams Sonoma, Short Hills Mall. She was very nice –didn’t ask if we could meet up for lunch, but did ask about my friend who couldn’t be there but whose book she also signed. So, I had my moment of glory–an almost friendship.
    Congratulations on your new book–I love your first and the second sounds fantastic!

  14. headsortailsofidioms

    CONGRATULATIONS RACHEL on your new book announcement!! i’m so happy for you and can’t wait to read all about it:)

    my celeb bff… don’t make fun of me here… but jessica simpson. i feel like what you see is what you get… no gimmicks. it also seems like she is just really sweet and real.

  15. My BFF would be Sandra Bullock; she’s get her act together, she’s like the girl next door, and she reminds me of a MUCH younger me! Also, my husband adores her, so he wouldn’t mind at all!
    Best of all on the book! 🙂

  16. A huge Mazel Tov on the new book. WOW, what a great idea. You are on a roll now. Good luck.
    If I had to choose a best friend it would be an older woman who is wiser and more accomplished than I am like Marlo Thomas, Gloria Steinem or Jane Fonda. Someone who I could learn from and respect.

  17. Congratulations on the new book. My celeb best friend Michael Weatherly definitely (am I allowed to fancy my best friend???) Females I really Jennifer Aniston x

  18. Congratulations! I loved your first book, and I’m sure your second will be just as fantastic!

    My celebrity-BFF-crushes are Drew Barrymore (horrible actress, great hippie) and Emma Stone (I feel like we could finish off a whole lot of margaritas together).

  19. After reading Mindy Kaling’s autobiography, I am convinced we would really hit it off.

    Also, I think there would never be a dull moment if I were friends with Kim Kardashian . . . I just don’t know if I could take the family drama.

  20. tm

    I’d like to be friends with Jamie Oliver, he’s funny, down to earth and a great cook. Although can you be BF with a male married man? I was once, and that got me into a lot of trouble–nothing happened. Some wives aren’t cool with that. Second, would be Angelia J. because I’d like to know how she landed the hottest guy in the world, while saving the world and raising a team of kids, and being highest paid actor/ess in Hollywood. But then, I might feel like a short, squat under achiever hanging out with her.

  21. Love the premise of your next book!
    I would love to hang out with Kathy Griffin- b/c my most important qualification in a friend is someone who makes me laugh. Tina Fey would be a good friend, too. Oh, and Bonnie Hunt!! I loved her talk show- it was like morning coffee with a self-depreciating friend.

  22. I would have liked to be BF with Audrey or Katherine Hepburn, both extremely classy ladies with very real down to earth sides.

  23. Congratulations! I would definitely choose Ashley Judd – and maybe Steve Martin or Chevy Chase and/or Tina Fay. Laughter is always the best medicine! 🙂

  24. I would be BFF’s with Kourtney Kardashian! (:

  25. Congratulations on the new book!

  26. Heather Tiger

    Looking forward to the new book! Congrats. BTW, I would totally be BFF’s with Jewel Kilcher. I know she would love me if we met. You know how that is…”We have so much in common!” We could sing a few songs, write some poetry, and then let our babies play together! Oh..Jewel.

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