Did You Watch “Girls”?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the new show Best Friends Forever, the NBC sitcom about, uh, two best friends forever.

But I’m far more interested in HBO’s new ode to friendship, Girls. The show, which premiered on Sunday, is about four friends in New York City, and their misadventures trying to navigate jobs, romance, and real life. Yes, it sounds like that other show about four New York City gals–but it’s much, much, less glamourous. And plenty more real. As The Daily Beast put it: “Girls is, in many ways, the antithesis to HBO’s own ladies-in-Manhattan fantasy, Sex and the City, offering a far more realistic portrayal of sisterhood than that of Carrie Bradshaw and Co.”

I think it’s pretty fantastic that new shows about female friendship keep rolling out. As they do, I’ll keep watching.

Did you watch Girls? What did you think? And what’s the most realistic portrayal of friendship on TV?


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10 responses to “Did You Watch “Girls”?

  1. “Girls” has the potential to connect with & represent a generation of women. The first episode was funny, yet grounded. i could identify with certain characters & was like, “I know that girl!”. Hopefully the network will give it time to grow & find its footing. It has a voice, it just needs people to shut up & listen. I like it & I’m a dude.

  2. I was disappointed with Best Friends Forever, it was boring. I was watching the show with my husband and we turned it off not even half way through the show.

  3. It’s funny to watch it as someone in their mid-30’s… kind of just past the point these women are, but not quite ’emotionally’ past it all. And as a parent, it made me consider something other things… I wrote about it here: http://poseypieproductions.com/2012/04/16/a-moms-guide-to-girls/

  4. After watching one episode I think the show is pretty good for a mature audience. I just hope young girls aren’t watching it and thinking that everyone in their 20s is drinking opium tea and having casual sex with no consequences.

  5. I am loving Best Friends Forever, this is my kind of comedy. Didn’t make a note to watch Girls though, I’m way past this stage in my life.

  6. Christina

    I hate to be so harsh but this show looks really dumb! I will not be watching it.

  7. I was looking for new shows and I might try Girls. I really like what you talk about. I read an article in WordPress about how you started that link me back to here. And I think I will be back soon, see you around!

  8. I think the most realistic portrayals of friendship on TV are on Monk, where friendships are a lucky happenstance that you will stumble upon in work and around town. It is rare, as an adult, to find the kind of friend that you can just spend all day with. Now there are husbands and jobs and kids and family responsibilities, and it is a rare blessing to have an hour to have a leisurely cup of coffee with a friend. I am lucky enough to have a friend I CAN spend hours with, and spend “indefinate time” with, but that is because her kids are older, and my husband and I don’t have kids . . . but even that can’t be daily, or even weekly.

  9. I’ve watched the episodes of Girls, and I’m really liking it so far. “Hannah” reminds me so much of someone I used to know. Unlike most of the characters in most of the shows I watch, I feel like I can actually relate to the characters on Girls.

  10. I like Girls, it’s like a junior, non glam Sex and the City, I was a fan of Girlfriends, although they’re nothing like my real life friends

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