Will You Tune In To Best Friends Forever?

Next week NBC will premiere a show that was made for us, my friends.

It’s called, yes, Best Friends Forever. 

For your weekend enjoyment, I’ve posted the entire full-length premiere below. To be honest, the jury is still out for me. That said, I really enjoy the opening exchange via Skype. Me and my long-distance besties really need to be making better use of today’s video phone technology.

Give yourself an afternoon break and watch some BFF TV. Then weigh in: Will you be watching when Best Friends Forever hits airwaves?


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15 responses to “Will You Tune In To Best Friends Forever?

  1. Callie

    I watched this past weekend! I thought it was a little over the top- but definitely funny and entertaining!

  2. Just saw the first few minutes – looks really funny! I’ll watch the rest and let you know!

  3. Jen

    Ehhhh….I really *want* to like it, but I was hoping it would be a little more funny and a little less serious…More like Friends or New Girl!

  4. Rose

    Ugh, that’s pretty bad in my opinion. I didn’t find it particularly funny. Also, hated that all the men fit into “dumb men” stereotypes. Like, why do men need to be shown as lacking sensitivity and commonsense, in order to demonstrate the strength of female friendships?

    I’m more of a Sex and the City type gal.

  5. Heather Tiger

    Pretty good…Had some great lines and good chemistry. I’ll have to see how the next couple of episodes turn out. If it’s like Community, they either knock it out of the park or strike out, or more consistently great like Friends.

  6. I’ll stick with my favorite Best Friend TV couple, Amy Farrah Fowler and Penny. This seemingly one-sided besty relationship is so charming and funny. Another friends show that I am starting to love is Happy Endings. So qwirky and smart…right up my alley. They had me hooked with “Pajamaralls”.

  7. gaiabathtime

    I think I really really like it! it so reminds me of my BFF in my twenties who so wanted to be part of a relationship I was having at the time…. she would come to spend weekends and bring a mattress with her and I would be loving and hating it all at the same time. We fell out big time with her storming out and me shouting after her to not forget her mattress. The man is long gone and forgotten I am on marriage number 2 since then and we are still best friends!

  8. Well, I liked it. I guess I have different taste than everyone else who commented. I’m gonna go look to see if we get it here.

  9. I enjoyed the Full Preview. I was hoping I’d be able to watch it with my daughter, BUT it’s a bit too much! I’ll be tuning in tho!

  10. great…it sounds me like another form of the blog…and yes, I guess BFF will continue after hits airwaves…I will continue watching…very very interesting initiative…

  11. YES! Just read your tips on blogging and love your POV….after moving way too often, I thought I’d never make friends like I had when I was a young parent. I was wrong and you’ve inspired me 🙂

  12. The title is right up my alley–BUT, other than 30 Rock and Modern Family, I haven’t found sitcoms so great in a really long time. I tried Up All Night, but found it so forced despite the great cast. Sigh.

  13. I liked it since I have found myself more than once caught in the middle of an old friend and my husband.

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