Famous Friendships: Schmidt and Turtle

Credit: The Gentleman's League

Here’s something I learned today. Max Greenfield of The New Girl  and Jerry Ferrara of Entourage are best buds.

This is very exciting news. I’ve been on record for a couple of months now with my sweeping declaration that Greenfield’s Schmidt is the funniest character on TV. And clearly Turtle is the best thing to have happened to Entourage. That they have a real life bromance makes me happy.

Turns out they produce and star in a TV show together. It’s called The Gentleman’s League and it’s on (or was on?) DirecTV. TGL is a documentary-style series of shorts that follows their shared fantasy football league. Think a real-life The League without all the vulgar stuffs. You can watch the first episode (which is only 5:31 long) here. As someone who knows little-to-nothing about football, I still enjoyed it.

According to this episode of The Gentleman’s League, Greenfield and Ferrara have been friends for 8-10 years, or, as Turtle put it, the length of  “a minimum prison sentence for a not-so-violent crime.” And this is why I love him.

This is now my second-favorite male BFFship. Only one magic-loving bromance can beat it.

What’s your favorite celebrity bromance?


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4 responses to “Famous Friendships: Schmidt and Turtle

  1. Jimmy Kimmel and John Krasinski
    Ben Affleck and Matt Damon
    George Clooney and… any other dude 🙂 Ha! … and Brad Pitt

  2. Lisa JJ

    I agree, Schmidt is the funniest character on TV right now. I love his mini kimono! If you haven’t seen it already, you MUST watch his dating profile video on YouTube. You will love it!

  3. Ruchi

    I lurve this post. Of course Deputy Leo (as Max Greenfield will always be known to my Veronica Mars obsessed mind) and Turtle are bffs!

  4. ***The LensMaster

    This made me smile today. So it does exist, I thought! Male BFFs. I’ve been praying for one since I don’t know when actually. I thought I had one but he ran away with my girl while the other one ran away with my money. I hope someday, I can have a guy friend with whom I can do extreme adventures with, backpaking, and stuff.

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