Public Service Announcement: Free Pancakes!

You know how when this blog first started I wanted a friend to go to brunch with? I longed for someone to chat with over an omelette, which has always been my Sunday morning meal of choice. But, when I’m feeling really indulgent, I opt for a stack of chocolate chip pancakes. (In college they were my hangover food. Try it sometime. Trust me.) A stack of carbs, puddles of syrup, and hours of gossip? That’s the good life.

So it is with this dream of breakfast girl-talk in mind that I share this news: Today is IHOP National Pancake Day! Grab a pal and head to the breakfast chain today and you’ll each be treated to a free short stack of buttermilk pancakes. Free! Pancakes! Today!

In exchange for this gift of yumminess, IHOP encourages its patrons to make a donation to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals or other local charities. I support that.

Sure, it’s Tuesday. Not exactly weekend brunch time. But use it as an excuse to turn that work-friend into a life friend. Make a long lunch of it. No one can turn down free food… take advantage of that.

If you’ve read an enjoyed MWF Seeking BFF, perhaps you’d like to add it to your board on Pinterest? The cover is pretty, after all. (And I can say this, because I had nothing to do with choosing it. I just got lucky.)


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3 responses to “Public Service Announcement: Free Pancakes!

  1. The best use of the present is what makes one’s future.

  2. I am of that generation of Americans who did a lot of moving around. I have lived in Texas (born there and lived in several cities there), Alabama, Florida, California, British Columbia, and the Big One – now in France. I have visited many of the great states of the USA thanks to my siblings moving around a lot, too. It is always fun to see how others live and pick up tips on making new friends. But I always remember the song we sang when I was Girl Scout that ended with “make new friends but keep the old – one is silver and the other gold.” I still correspond via email with girls I knew in first grade in Dallas. Anne Grace Crowder

  3. Hi
    I am Christian from France.
    I go to USA once a year.
    The best pancake I ve been eating was in Las Vegas is “the hash house agogo”
    In Los angeles / Santa monica was the jinkys.

    I like pancakes may be as much that Cookie monster likes cookies.

    Hav’ Phun, Cricri

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