Apparently, It’s Random Acts of Kindness Day

It seems like every day is another National Day of Something. Tomorrow is National Drink Wine Day. The day after is National Popcorn Day. Tuesday, Feb. 28 is National Pancake Day. You guys, I am not making this up.

But today is Random Acts of Kindness Day. And so I suggest to you these ecards to send your BFFs. And remember this tidbit from Gallup: “Those who have told a friend how much they value a friendship in the past month are 48% more likely to be ‘extremely satisfied with the friendships’ in their lives.” See? With a few random acts of kindness, everybody wins.

For your lifer:

For your mani-pedi partner:

For your newest friend:

For the pal you want to elevate to the next friendship level:

And… what NOT to send!

Happy weekend!


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3 responses to “Apparently, It’s Random Acts of Kindness Day

  1. I love someecards! These crack me up. 😀 Thank you for sharing!

  2. Reading someecards is the best way to crack yourself up! So funny.

  3. cathiebp2

    Hi Rachel! I created :: Books set in Chicago :: and our first bookclub discussion is your book! Thought I’d ask if you would be able to join us March 1st at 6pm! Could you let me know by emailing me at

    Would love to have you there!

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