Where Are They Now: Lynn and Jordan

In the two months since MWF Seeking BFF hit shelves, readers frequently ask what has become of my new friends. Who am I still friends with? Who has moved away? That kind of thing.

Someone, I think jokingly, suggested I do a “Where Are They Now” blog segment. A joke, maybe, but who doesn’t love a good where are they now? The Saved By The Bell crew, your favorite boy band heartthrobs, The Brat Pack.  Those are the best issues of People  and obviously the best specials on VH1.

So here we are — Where Are They Now: The Friendship Year.

Lynn was a co-worker. You might remember that she was the very first co-worker I tried to befriend outside the office, even inviting her to come to my wedding dress fitting (a totally awkward invitation that I do not recommend extending to a new and still fairly surface friend. Lesson learned). During my yearlong search, I became closer with all of my coworkers, including Lynnie, as I lovingly call her. I’d feel less awkward asking her to my fitting now. But we don’t work together anymore. We both left our office in June, so now we’re just friends, rather than work-friends.

As one of her new projects, Lynn has launched a fantastic fashion blog: Style Alter. You must check it out. It’s so awesome—accessible, informative, and empowering. I love best her “how-to” posts: like how to make your own neon jewelry, or how to wear a plaid shirt three ways. Lynn also served as my literary stylist (keep in mind I’m the girl who wanted to wear a waffle shirt that Matt confused with a pajama top to a girl-date), and wrote an entire post about the authorly outfits she put together. As I mentioned here a while back, every girl needs a fashionista friend.

Jordan and I met through our mutual friend Chloe. She and I took dance class together most Saturdays, followed by brunch, and became great friends. We’re still thick as thieves. And speaking of being thick as thieves… As I mention in MWF Seeking BFF, one of the first things I learned about Jordan was that she wrote an idiom newsletter. Well, good news folks! Her newsletter is now a blog: Making Heads or Tails of Idioms. If you are as nerdy as I, and by nerdy of course I mean way cool, then you will love learning the meaning, origins, and alternative definitions of idioms. Alligator arms. Harsh my mellow. Golden handcuffs. It’s fascinating!

My new friends are pretty fantastic. Once you read their blogs you’ll think so too, I promise. So check them out! Happy reading.

Word of mouth is the best thing that can happen to a book. Please tell your friends about MWF Seeking BFF! If you both read it, let me know and I’ll send you two totally awesome Blossom-and-Six style friendship bracelets. Because that’s how we roll. ’90s style. 


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14 responses to “Where Are They Now: Lynn and Jordan

  1. LOVE it!

    I love knowing what happens with people and of course, the one I’ll be eagerly waiting for is ….Jillian!

    Jillian, if you’re reading, please don’t think I’m weird 🙂

    • Ashley

      Ha ha the entire time I was trying to pick which of the girls would be Rachel’s BFF and I kept thinking it would be Jillian!

  2. i’m going to be FAMOUS!!! Love you Rachel

  3. Ha! I love it. Can’t wait for more installments of Where Are They Now!
    PS: my BFF just finished your book and lent it to another friend. Spreading the word!

  4. OMG I’m so excited for the idioms blog. SERIOUSLY! I just nerded myself a little. And I just pinned all those literary looks. Lynn has some serious style.

  5. YAAAY! Thanks, friend!! I just updated my blog with a new Fashion Show at Lunch edition so your readers have something fun to look at. Hope you guys enjoy!


  6. Love your book (there’s a WAITING LIST for it at my library)!!

    Do you have any suggestions for women with children? I moved to the midwest last year, no family or friends out here. No one.

    My boys (4 and 2) are in preschool, so I’ve been trying to set up playdates to meet people and nights out with the moms in their classes. But everyone is so damn busy with their own lives that 80% of the time they cancel on me. I’m trying not to blame it on me having some crazy social ineptitude that I’m unaware of.
    I tried taking a photography course, no luck meeting anyone.
    I’m bummed. Who is going to discuss the intricacies of ‘The Bachelor’ with me?

  7. Love the idea of a “Where are they now?” series on here!

  8. kristina

    Rachel- I just purchased your book after seeing it featured in a magazine and I’m still in the Introduction and after reading your “craigslist add” I nearly tried to pick up my cell and call you to be my friend because of how much we are the same person! =) Love this book so far and wait to read on. I just moved to be near my boyfriend, and am in the same boat you were in. I can’t wait to find some inspiration for my own bff creating. =)

  9. Kristen

    Just read your book for a book club. Loved it! I was once a new girl to Chicago and struggled with making new friends at first, but I’ve gotten better over the years. Glad to hear you’re still in touch with Lynn and Jordan. They both sounded pretty awesome. I’m glad you’re doing a “Where are they now?” segment in your blog. What I want to know is: what about some of your not-so-great dates (I.e., No-Contractions Wendy) or the ones who vanished out of nowhere (i.e., Kim)? Have any of them tried contacting you again since your book was published after having recognized themselves?


  10. Anonymous

    I was wondering about your brother and his gf. Any updates there?

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