In Good Company

Turns out I’m not the only one looking for a new BFF. You know who’s on a similar search?

Cue Oprah voice.

Liiiiiz Leeemoooooooon!

The clip below is from Thursday’s episode of 30 Rock.  I’m not going to lie and pretend no part of me thought, “Hey Tina Fey! Get your own search… BFF searching is taken.” I kid, I kid (sorta). Mostly I was jumping out of my skin that even Ms. Lemon knows the importance of a good bestie.

Stick it out to the end of this clip to catch my favorite line. (To those of you reading this in an email or a feed reader, you may need to click on the image to watch the video.)

Did you watch? Don’t you think Liz Lemon would be a great BFF? And what’s your favorite BFFish TV moment?

Friends in the Olympia, Washington area! I’ll be reading from MWF Seeking BFF at the Olympia Timberland Library on Wednesday night, Feb. 1 at 7:30. I’d be so excited to see you there!


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8 responses to “In Good Company

  1. Beth

    I watched this yesterday and died! It’s as if you wrote this episode. I could totally be bffs with Liz Lemon.

  2. From Gilmore Girls:
    Sookie: What’s going on?
    Lorelai: Michel’s gonna live forever.
    Sookie: Like the kids from ‘Fame’?
    Lorelai: That’s what I said.

  3. I thought it was so stinking funny, especially since I am reading your book right now and immediately thought of it. 🙂

  4. Or how about Lucy and Ethel Job Switching
    “Lucy, we’re fighting a loosing game.”. At the chocolate factory.

  5. I thought of you the whole time! It was such a funny episode and I loved how she knew her exact same type would be at Barnes and Noble.

    Also have to say that Sara’s Gilmore snippet above is GENIUS. I was obsessed with Gilmore Girls from the time it came out until . . . well, last year when I forced myself to stop watching the reruns.

  6. Oh and Paris and Rory are some of my friend BFF/Frenemy moments. I didn’t love the Rory/Lane friendship as Lane was highly annoying.

  7. I loved that she went to the bathroom at B&N—it was the same B&N across from the publishing house where I worked and where I got my textbooks when I was taking editing classes at NYU!

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