The Friendship Rider: Appendix C

It’s been a serious week here on the blog. Tuesday’s post, about the friendships between moms and non-moms, became the most commented post ever (73 and counting). Posts about mommy wars, friend breakups, and schadenfraude have given the week a solemn tone. (Though did anyone watch the Avenue Q song “Schadenfreude“? Love it.)

So imagine my joy while watching a rerun of The Big Bang Theory  last night when Sheldon referenced the friendship rider in their roommate agreement. A little levity is just what this blog needs!

Sheldon and Leonard often use their “roommate agreement” to settle disagreements. The agreement apparently has a friendship rider, and here it is:

Friendship Rider

       Appendix C – Future commitments

  • No.37 “In the event one friend is ever invited to visit the Large Hadron Collider, now under construction in Switzerland, he shall invite the other friend to accompany him.

It is further specified what happens, if:

  • one friend gets super powers (he will name the other one as his sidekick)
  • one friend is bitten by a Zombie (the other can’t kill him even if he turned)
  • one friend wins a MacArthur grant
  • one friend gets invited to go swimming at Bill Gates’s house (he will take the other friend to accompany him)

Sheldon’s commitments:

  • Sheldon asks at least once a day how Leonard is even if he doesn’t care
  • Sheldon no longer stages spontaneous biohazard drills after 10 p.m.
  • Sheldon abandons his goal to master Tuvan throat singing

This is silly and almost indecipherable at times (Tuvan throat singing?) but, personally, I enjoy the provision regarding Bill Gates’s pool. The episode is worth watching. It reminds me of Mindy Kaling’s BFF Bill of Rights or the Real Housewives of Atlanta Friendship Contract

I’m trying to think what would be in the contract if Callie and I made one. Provision #1: If possible, we will always watch the Scripps National Spelling Bee together. If impossible, we will text throughout regarding all hilarious, awkward, or hilariously awkward moments.

What would be in your Friendship Rider?

I’m SO EXCITED to report that MWF Seeking BFF made the upcoming New York Times extended bestsellers list at #31 in Paperback Nonfiction! Thank you all so much for your support and for helping it get there. I’m on cloud nine! I’d be so thrilled if you might continue doing what you’re doing and keep spreading the word. THANK YOU!


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11 responses to “The Friendship Rider: Appendix C

  1. Callie

    As far as I am concerned, that is definitely part of our rider! I just found this and its amazing…

  2. Callie

    Just in case you didn’t see this part- it links to George’s Linked In page!

  3. Megan

    Tuvan throat singing Is. Awesome!!! Seriously, it’s actually the most amazing concert I’ve ever been to.

  4. that’s so funny! thanks for lightening things up and congrats on the book rankings! Now I’m off to research Tuvan throat singning..

  5. I’m currently reading your book and loving it! It makes me laugh and at times cry because I’m in the same predicament.

  6. Sarah

    Great episode of Big Ban Theory. But on the Flip Side does a friend have to support and sit through every one of your misadventures? In a classic episode of HIMYM, Lilly forces the gang to go to her play, in which Barney does not want to go but feels obligated because of friendship. Then Barney puts on his play as featured in this clip…(sorry for the poor quality)

    • This was hilarious. Great reminder that for every action there is sometimes an unequal reaction. Love HIMYM.
      Congratulations on making the list, Rachel.

  7. Great topic for a post. In my rider I would add that if my BFF won tickets (or happened to be nominated) to a major awards show (Grammy, Oscars, Emmy’s, etc.) I would be the +1.

  8. Anonymous

    You must watch Genghis Blues – you will become a Tuvan groupie! Promise!

  9. I just finished reading your book! It’s so surreal reading your blog. It’s like a continuation of the book. Anyway, I read it for a blogger book club (our 1st book!) and I’m not going to lie. I thought you were crazy at first but I give you credit for having big girl balls. Mine are small in comparison. I truly enjoyed your journey and hope to stalk you (not in a weird way) in hopes of learning more! I hope your weekend is going well!

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