Man Friends!

The web of friendship is spreading.

I’ve written often of the group of friends that was once my cooking club. I say “was once” because now we get together all the time, sometimes for cooking, more often for wine and gossip. Or for ice skating. Or painting. You get my drift. We like activities.

But last night something very cool happened. The men of the group—the husbands and boyfriends of the cooking ladies—gathered for a poker night.

Clearly, my first inclination was to be sad I wasn’t invited as I love a good poker game (and I was in a couples game once that tragically disbanded). But once I got over my inner 12-year-old, I was pretty excited. As you might know, I’ve been trying to push friendship on my husband since this whole project started. Not that he is anti-pals or anything. It’s just that Matt wasn’t on a BFF search. That was solely my thing. So halfway through the year, when I’d say to something like “why don’t you skip going to the casino in favor of a guys night? You could call Max! It will help your heart health!” he wasn’t having it.

From what I can tell, last night was a hit. You know boys:

Me: “How’d it go?”

Matt: “It was fun.”

Me: “Tell me more! Details please!”

Matt: “It’s late. I’m going to bed.”

I don’t know if there is another game planned, but no matter. I think it’s cool that it even happened. That these guys who, until last night, knew each other just barely, decided to get together and, you know, pursue friendship.

Though I’m confident that they wouldn’t categorize it as “pursuing friendship” so much as “dudes drinking beer and playing cards.” So let’s go with that, in case any of them see this. Don’t want them to get turned off by the F word.

So, to dudes drinking beers and playing cards! Like, I said, the web of friendship is spreading. Mwahahaaha. I feel like an evil genius.

Have you ever set up a man in your life with new friends?

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4 responses to “Man Friends!

  1. Yes, guys need friends too. They often don’t think they do, but they do! Loving your book and seeing it EVERYWHERE….in Fitness magazine, on the subway….
    You must be thrilled….congratulations!

  2. Favorite Uncle

    Check out the Dharma and Greg episode devoted to this exact topic. Dharma tries to get Greg to be closer to his poker buddies and all he wants to do is play cards – he doesn’t even know most of their names and that’s the way he likes it. Men can be close without saying anything, women have to, er, um, chat a lot.

  3. You most certainly will see people out in the world reading it — it was in People!!! Congrats on your success so far. More to come, I’m sure!

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