I’ve Made More Internet BFFs (It’s Just That They Don’t Know It Yet)

I arrived in New York City yesterday, which is always exciting because it means slumber parties and drinks and TV marathons with my best friends. Last night was a good start to the trip because I did two different kinds of friending—first, I met a long-lost friend for drinks (my freshman year of college roommate, who I hadn’t spoken to in about four years but who is absolutely amazing), then I had dinner with my BFF Callie and another bestie from high school, Jill.

It felt so good to get a giant fill of friend-time, especially since so much of the night was dedicated to nostalgia. My ex-roomie and I reminisced about how insane we once were regarding boy drama—a less sensitive subject now that we’re both married and, well, less stupid than we once were. Later in the night, I made Callie imitate every teacher we ever had, which, in my short-on-sleep delusional state, was just about the funniest thing I had ever heard. (Her imitation of our various high school chemistry teachers is enough to make me pee myself just about every time we see each other. Apparently, one never outgrows such things.)

In the spirit of awesome friendship nostalgia, and because I like to keep it light on Fridays, I wanted to share one of my new favorite websites. Hello Giggles is “the ultimate entertainment destination for smart, independent and creative females” and was started by BFFs Zooey Deschanel, Sophia Rossi, and Molly McAleer.

I love Zooey from The New Girl  (I know some people are on the fence but I think it’s great—Schmidt is one of my favorite characters on TV), but I enjoy the site not because of her, necessarily, but because it celebrates the two things I’m most interested in: friendship (they have a BFF advice web show!), and awesome pop culture from the ’90s. Seriously, every time I click over there’s something about The Babysitters Club, Sweet Valley High, awesome kids movies like Hook (Callie’s favorite), or a rom-com that I forgot I loved.

There are also funny, insightful and totally spot-on essays like this one, about annoying romantic gestures, or this, in which a normal girl gets the celebrity profile treatment.

Of course, I spend much of the time I’m on the site wondering why I’m not BFFs with every single one of their writers and founders. (According to their BFF ustream show, Zooey bought Sophia every single Babysitter’s Club book—including Super Specials!—for her birthday. Also, all the Sweet Valleys and all the Nancy Drews. What?? These are my people.) All in good time, though, right?

For some fun and friendly Friday reading, check it out.

Another thing to check out? MWF Seeking BFF. It’s in stores now, and I would be forever grateful if you might: 

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6 responses to “I’ve Made More Internet BFFs (It’s Just That They Don’t Know It Yet)

  1. Gina

    Love Zooey D and have often thought her and I could be bff’s- thanks Rachel- i look forward to new blog posts 🙂

  2. I love Hello Giggles!!!!! Zooey is my husband’s celebrity crush, but I won’t lie, she’s totally one of my bff crushes too!

    Schmidt is the one who makes me cry with laughter on that show. When he was scared of cats on the roof, omg, I couldn’t breathe I was crying/laughing so hard. It’s the best show on tv.

  3. I just found Hello Giggles about a week ago and I try to visit every day! One of my favorite series is the Video Chat Karaoke and I found a link on the one with Zooey & Joe Gordon-Levitt to Joe’s site hitRECord and I’m loving it. They all seem so wonderfully supportive that it is my new little enclave, and I’m enjoying it there.

  4. Rose

    Just bought your book in Saskatoon (Canada). Last one on the shelf – Indigo better order more! 😀 Can’t wait to start reading it.

  5. Just bought your book last night and am already half-way through with it. 😦 I can’t put it down! I find myself somewhat in the same position as you were, however I have not ventured out to establish new friendships. I have two kids and, even at only being 24 years old, when you have two kids social life is to a minimal. I do find this book giving me more of a push to find friends, though. Thanks for a great book!

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