Friendship On The Road

I’m writing this blog post on the train from Boston to New York for the next leg of my book tour. The trip to Boston was wonderful–and not just because it kicked off what I hope will be lots of fun book promotion. No, even more fantastic was that fact that, in the spirit of MWF Seeking BFF, this trip was all about friends–old and new. I stayed at the apartment of one of my college besties. She was there with me before my first ever reading to calm my nerves and make me laugh. Because she’s the awesomest. And I got to visit with old friends of Matt’s, who knew him and loved him long before I did.

But I also got to meet new friends. Specifically, I finally came face-to-face with ladies I’d met only on the Internet—through their blogs and mine. Katie and I met for lunch, and of course, the first thing I said when we met is: “I’m hugging you!” (This is after I almost hugged a stranger on the street because I thought it was Katie. Ah, the dangers of blind friend dates. I said to the girl “Katie?” with arms spread wide. She said: “Huh?”) We talked books and blogs and new friends for an hour, and Katie even brought me tea because she saw on Twitter that I had a cold. Is that friendship or what?

This morning I met Lindsey for coffee. She was the picture of put-together. Wearing awesome red pants with leopard print ballet flats, and a camel sweater that I’m pretty sure I had in my “what I want to wear when I grow up” scrapbook once upon a time. I, on the other hand, showed up 10 minutes late with makeup still caked under my eyes, because my alarm didn’t go off and I overslept. In fact I woke up exactly three minutes before we were supposed to meet. True story.

And yet, Lindsey was totally forgiving of my scattered nature, and her outfit was only the first thing I loved about her. Funny, smart, thoughtful–all the things I already knew from her blog, but now in live action! If I didn’t have a train to catch I would have forced her to hang with me all day.

So for those who wonder if I’m still making new friends two years later, the answer is yes. No more 52 dates, but the quest never ends.

Ever had a friend you’d never actually seen in person (Internet, pen pal, whatever)? Did you finally meet? How’d it go?

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21 responses to “Friendship On The Road

  1. I’ve met a couple pals through my blog already, and it’s been pretty cool to finally meet in person! These ladies represented themselves so well on their blogs, I felt like I already knew them when we met. And actually, I’m meeting 2 more bloggers for the first time tomorrow while they’re in Chicago for a conference, so this is a very timely post.

  2. Debbi Coran

    Loved meeting you last night. Good luck & have fun as you travel.

  3. Oh you are too, too adorable! Yes, I’ve met several online friends in real life and they were mostly just as I thought … but you, more than anyone else! I would have gladly hung out all day and just wish we had had more time. I can’t WAIT for my copy of your book to arrive and to read it. xox

  4. This feels so nerdy, but I made a friend online who I got to know and like on a fan site. We both loved ER and ended up writing to each other off the message boards because we were older (not to put the younger fans down) and wanted to extol our mutual devotion for Maura Tierney more privately. Then the topics grew.
    We discovered we couldn’t be more different. She is a teacher from Michigan with 2 adopted children and a husband whose income depends on the auto industry. She found my childless nyc life very exciting (it isn’t in real life) and longed to visit one day.
    Fast forward about 8 years and Maura was starring off broadway. My friend decided to use her “rainy day money” to take the train here to see the show, just for an overnight. I gladly got us tickets and made dinner reservations.
    We had never seen each other and met that night at the restaurant near the theater. I knew she was hearing impaired which was why we never spoke on the phone. So, I was prepared for the hearing aids. My mom had one and they didn’t bother me at all.
    She was excellent at lip reading, so it wasn’t hard to have a conversation over dinner.
    During the first act, her hearing aid let out a high pitched noise and people close to us were looking around. I knew this meant she needed to change her battery, but didn’t know what to do. I finally tapped her arm and she looked at the usher with the flashlight and looked at me and pointed to her ear. I nodded and she started to laugh, then I did too.
    She said I should have told her right away as she changed her battery. Anyway, we became very at ease with each other that night. We bonded and have been good friends since.

  5. Gina

    I recently had to take a class for my job (I’m a nurse) and met a woman who was super nice and helpful, also in healthcare, has kids, too and lives in my neighborhood. I was so proud of myself for ‘making friends’ w/ her and exchanged info while we promised to get together….as usual, i haven’t heard from her even after we became facebook friends and talked again about getting together…we even talked about how important friendships are and how difficult it is to make friends as busy sdults and moms…i really need a bestie and was so excited to finally do this on my own but here i am still feeling jaded…what am i doing wrong…mwm (married white mom) seeking bff 🙂

    • Try call her/message her and make definite plans. I JUST had brunch with a new friend who I’ve run into a few times and even exchanged details almost a year ago, but never met up with. I finally took the plunge and called her and we had a blast. Sometimes life just gets in the way if you don’t make the first move.

  6. I’m so sad I missed your Boston stop! Still in Florida for the holidays :-/

  7. Sarah

    I have a whole group of online friends – all our first children were due in the same month and we started chatting on a public forum then moved to a private one. There are 15 of us on there all the time and I’ve met nearly all in person now (we’re spread throughout the country), and a few of them I see every time we go to my home town. One of them we’ve stayed with a couple of times. They are such good friends now! Unfortunately none of them live in the same city as me! But we ‘talk’ online every day about anything and everything.

  8. First of all, thanks for making me squeal with delight yesterday when your very lovely card and friendship bracelet arrived. I love it all!

    Then, to answer your quesion, some of my best friends are blog friends 🙂

    But here’s the cool one – I write a blog about organising (in South Africa) and I met a blog friend years ago who did the same (in Arizona). She and I both have some weird tendencies so we connected straight away 🙂 Anyway, we became great blog friends and then my hubby and I decided to take a BIG trip to the UK – all of the countries. I emailed her and said, “I know you love Scotland. By any chance, are you interested in planning a trip to coincide with ours?” She looked at the numbers and said YES! And so we both travelled half the world and met in Stirling, Scotland for 3 glorious days. I surprised her by booking to stay in the same B&B and it really was fabulous.

    That’s my story.

    Another blog friend and I both travelled about 4 hours to meet up in April last year. She travelled from Mozambique and I travelled from Jhb to Sabie.

    I also met up with a blog reader in Ireland – we went to church together!

    I am ALWAYS up for a meet-up so if people come to South Africa and fly into Jhb, I’m your gal 🙂 My favourite part of travelling is meeting new people so I make myself available for lots of connections.


  9. Heidi

    My sister and I had a “cyber-sister” whom we met on an X-Files fan site years ago. So when I got laid-off from my job and had plenty of time, my sister flew to Oregon from DC and then we drove up to Vancouver to meet our friend and spent several days with her touring the city (and X-Files sites. We are geeks.) It was such a great experience, that I have since met several people via friends through Facebook and had the opportunity to meet some in person.

  10. Oh, I loved meeting you. LOVED. I only wish we could have hung out longer! Safe travels to you, my dear, and hope to see you again next time you’re in Boston! xo

  11. Tracy

    So my question is . . . . when does the book tour bring you to Los Angeles?? 🙂

    I just finished your book last night and I LOVED it!!! I’ve been telling my friends all about it (and possibly driving them all a little nuts in the process) because it’s so totally great. Yep, I love it. I could write a ridiculously long comment on how relatable it was, but for now I’ll keep it to this. I feel I was destined to read your book when I did, in part because this past summer I read John T. Cacioppo & William Patrick’s book “loneliness”. Such an informative and fascinating read. I am so envious (freindvious??) of the real conversations you had with him!

    Come to LA!!

    • Tracy

      Ok, I just clicked on “book tour” – and you ARE coming here! To Venice, even. (I’m trying to think of how to write this and sound cool, and not crazy-lady-esque). I live in Venice!!! Whoo hoo. I’m so exicted. I would so love to meet you. I’ll plan on going to the signing for sure. Wanna get coffee or something?? 🙂

      • And I’d love to have coffee! I’ll email you offline and hope we can set it up!

      • Hi Tracy,

        It was so great to meet you at my reading!! I’m sorry I was there for all of 24 hours (not even) and couldn’t get coffee–but I hope you enjoyed the event, and that you met some nice people!

        Thanks again! Rachel

    • Hi Tracy —

      I’ll be in LA on Monday, 1/16 at Small World Books at 6 PM. I would LOVE it if you came! And bring your friends!

      Thank you so much for reading MWF Seeking BFF and your kind words… I so appreciate it and am so thrilled you enjoyed it. Comments like this make my day! That, and words like “friendvious.” Amazing.

  12. Laurie Lee

    I have several online friends that I’ve made over the years in weight loss support groups and on Weight They are all Facebook friends now. A few of us have a “secret” group on Facebook (We used to be on Yahoo Groups.) Most I’ve met in person. Some I’ve known as long as 13 years. In all of the meetings the person was just like they represented themselves online and overall the meetings were great.

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