The Mini-Person Version

Yesterday I bought my two-year-old nephew this book for Hanukkah. I couldn’t resist. You Will Be My Friend is basically the picture book version of MWF Seeking BFF. Lucy, a bear, wakes up and decides that today she is going to make a new friend. But, as the jacket flap warns, “it’s harder than it looks.” Lucy spends the day searching the forest for a new friend, but every time she tries to befriend a creature, something goes wrong. She tries to scrub the smell out of  a skunk. She eats all the honey when she wants to court some bees. It’s an adorable book, and I’m sure you can guess how it ends. (Hint: She does not go home friendless.)

On the back jacket flap, author Peter Brown writes “Over the years I’ve learned three important lessons about making new friends. Lesson 1: Always be yourself. Lesson 2: New friends appear when you least expect it. Lesson 3: Do not scream ‘You WILL be my friend’ at people. Trust me, that never works.”

I had to laugh when I read that, since I’m pretty sure I have actually said to a potential bestie: “You will be my friend.” But it was intended more as an endearing promise than a threat. Like when the adorable nerd in a romantic comedy assures the gorgeous lead she will love him one day. And then she does. After she gets her heart broken by the hunky dreamboat.

And, of course, while I enjoy the “you find her when you least expect it” sentiment, I don’t always think it’s true. It is sometimes. Those times are awesome. But sometimes you find friends because you put out an APB. I certainly did.

Always be yourself, though? That’s a lesson I can get behind. Especially for a two-year-old nephew.

“You will be my friend!” What do you think? Endearingly nerdy pick up line? Or just plain creepy? (To be fair, I never opened with “you will be my friend.” It was more of a parting phrase… and by then I usually had a feeling for how receptive my friend-date would be.)

If you’re in need of a super last-minute Christmas or Hanukkah gift, might I suggest a copy of MWF Seeking BFF? You can pick it up at your local bookstore and stuff it in a stocking in no time. It also fits nicely under a tree. Or a menorah. 



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8 responses to “The Mini-Person Version

  1. Jean

    I got my copy of your book today, so I know what I’ll be doing over the holiday weekend! Happy Holidays!! P.S. “You will be my friend” would work with me.

  2. Stacy

    I’m halfway through the book and before I even started it I sent a copy to my (former) work bestie who was my ‘call to say hi/hey, let’s grab dinner in 30 minutes’ local friend. She is newly married and trying to settle into in her second city. Going on three years into my own second city experience I can relate to your book so much and am feeling inspired to follow up and try and get a friend date scheduled with the cool girl I met a few weeks back at a holiday party! Wish me luck!

    • Thanks, Stacy, for reading MWF Seeking BFF and for sharing a copy with one of your BFFs! That means so much to me–especially hearing that my story has inspired you to follow up on a potential friend-date. I hope it’s a huge success! Good luck! And thanks again…

  3. Love your blog, as always!

    My sister gave me your WONDERFUL book for Christmas (I asked for it) and I am delighted to read about your adventures with her! I had to coax her into telling me which “friend” she was!!

    Such a wonderful read, I cannot put it down! Keep up the fabulous writing.

    PS; Enjoy your dinner on Wednesday!


    • Thanks Jamie! Your sis is pretty great, I must say. So glad you are enjoying the book! Happy holidays!

      • Now I’m curious 🙂 Which one was your sister?

        Rachel, I’ve finished!!!! It was FABULOUS – so inspiring and I’m ready to friend-date!

        Interestingly enough, since I’ve started talking/ blogging about this stuff, I’ve found my blog friends (that I’ve since met) have started saying nice things like “I’m so glad we’re friends”.

        I would LOVE it if people said “you will be my friend” to me 🙂

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