A Very Bestie Birthday

First things first: Today is my best friend Callie’s 30th birthday!! Happy birthday Cal!

One of the crappy things about having BFFs all over the country is that you’re never around to celebrate birthdays with them. Especially since it’s her 30th, I wish I could party with Miss Callie, but it’s likely not going to happen.

Because it’s her birthday, today seems like an especially good time to talk about my BFFs. And by talk about, I mean shower in compliments.

I write a lot about new friends on this blog, and I reference my besties occasionally, but some days I am really reminded of why best friends hold that elusive title. Yesterday was one of those days.

I was having a minor panic attack, feeling bad about myself like we sometimes do. With most people, I would put on a happy face and force myself to get over it. I wouldn’t unload my insecurities onto them. But best friends are the people who are there to give you a boost, right? So I emailed Callie and Sara, with the subject “help!” And basically said: “I need you to pep me up and tell me I’m being crazy!”

And they did. Because they are awesome.

What I love about having a handful of real, true friendships that have stood the test of time (not just Callie and Sara, but also my besties from college who live all over the country and I couldn’t live without) is that you can request a pep talk when necessary. And you can give a pep talk, too. Sure, yesterday I might have acted a bit self-centered, asking for an ego boost. But I would like nothing more than to return the favor whenever necessary.

Best friends are the people we call when we’re feeling like crap because we know they will make us feel a little bit better. It seems simple and obvious, but that’s kind of a big deal.  It involves taking time out of your busy day to say “you’re great” and “I love you,” even when you have a thousand other things to be doing. And it means you are comfortable enough to say to them “here are all the reasons I am feeling bad.”

So today, on Callie’s 30th, it’s time to say that she’s great! Not just for pulling me out of a funky mood, but because she can quote Patti Stanger or any Real Housewife, she always shows up for her friends (at a birthday dinner, a performance, a fundraiser, whatever) and, for a living, she helps low-income kids get academic, social and emotional support through a really amazing non-profit. (If you’re looking to donate this holiday season, The GO Project is a great option.)

So that’s that. Callie’s great. And it’s her birthday! Happy birthday Callie!

MWF Seeking BFF comes out in five days! You can get to know Callie better, as well as my some 52 girl-dates, if you pre-order the book. If you want to learn more, you can read the intro and first chapter, or watch the trailer. (And friendship bracelets to all who pre-order. Just email me with your address if you want one!)


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2 responses to “A Very Bestie Birthday

  1. Callie

    Too too too sweet. Thank you rach! Leave it a BFF to brighten up my birthday day with a blog feature! You are the best. (Though the real important day this December is the 20th!)

  2. Happy Birthday to you Callie!
    It feels great to have friends that remember one’s birthday 🙂

    With all the social features such as email, blogs, facebook, msn messenger, whatsapp, the distance between people is ‘shortened’.

    This means friends at different states could keep in touch with each other at a more ‘real-time’ basis. However, I feel that this does not applies to me.

    I have a friend who is on my facebook, messenger and email list but I do not have whatsapp.

    When I left her a msg via sms and facebook, she is not responding and I have to get another friend of mine to whatsapp her to reply. 😦

    Regardless of the numerous number of ways to keep in touch with your friends, I think the most important factor is the responsiveness of your friends. It does take 2 to communicate.

    I’m envious of you of having friends that really responds to your communication ^_^

    Looking forward to reading your book !

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