The BFF Gift Guide

Christmas is 12 days away.  Hanukkah, a week. I assume this means I should jump on the “A Very Internet Holiday” bandwagon and create a BFF Gift Guide. However, I happen to know that such a thing takes a ton of production work. It would involve reaching out to boatloads of companies for their latest and greatest, calling in images, fact-checking prices… and that is just not something I have the resources for right now.

What I do have the resources for is to scour everyone else’s gift guides, and be a curator of sorts. So that’s the plan. May I present you with the Gift Guide for Your BFF, courtesy of many other fabulous websites, which I will link to and credit here.

For the BFF Who Works From Home and Carries Her Laptop To The Coffee Shop Every Day


I found this laptop case (Rebecca Minkoff, $95, on Yes, it’s a site for teenagers. And yes, this was part of the “Gift for Mom” guide. And no, I’m not old enough to have a 16-year-old. But whatever, it’s awesome. Practical meets fashionable, which I’d argue is the ideal description of a gift for a friend. Sure, it costs more than you probably want to spend on your bestie this holiday season, but if you’re looking for one great splurge, this could be it. And  since–look at that!–I fit the very bill of the BFF this is perfect for, there is a chance I’m hoping my mom is reading this and might consider indulging me.

For the BFF Who Finishes Your Sentences

Photo: A Cup of Jo,

These stocking stuffers say “you and I are a perfect pair.” A Cup of Jo, which is a fantastic blog, includes these in the Gift For Your Twin Sister Guide, but your BFF might as well be your twin, right? (If the pic is too small, engraved on the pencils are “Salt& Pepper,” “Meat & Potatoes,” “Eggs & Bacon,” “Bread & Butter,” “Milk & Cookies” and “Me & You”.) Also, they come from Etsy ($12) so you’ll be patronizing a nice independent shopowner from Brooklyn named Erin.

For The BFF Who Still Can’t Beat You At Words With Friends


The Gift Guide at is pretty spot-on. I like these coasters because they are practical, affordable ($20.99 at, and combine your two favorite bestie activities: playing Words with Friends, and drinking.

For The BFF Who Documents Your Relationship


Retro chic, totally functional, and inexpensive ($34.99 at Thanks for the heads up,

For the BFF Who Makes You Wish Those Old-School Best Friend Necklaces Were Still The Rage


Here’s another gem from As you can see, these simple gold rings have B, F and F engraved into them. Give all three to one special pal, split them among your trio, or keep your B and let her be the FF. It’s like middle school, with a classy twist. (Gorjana BFF Ring Set, $88,

For the BFF Who Lives Miles Away And You Just Can’t Find Anyone Like Her

I know, I know. I couldn’t resist. MWF Seeking BFF comes out one week from today! O, The Oprah Magazine named it one of “10 Titles to Pick Up Now.” Chicago Magazine called it a “humbling, hilarious memoir” and said you should “put MWF on your book club list now.” (If you do, I’d love to Skype with you.) If you aren’t sure, check out the first 30 pages. If you are sure, pre-order today!

So, which of these gifts has you reaching for your wallet? I’m pretty enamored with all of them. And special thanks to Seventeen, Shefinds, Cup of Jo, and MTV for posting these awesome gifts!


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4 responses to “The BFF Gift Guide

  1. When I saw your book while flipping thru O Magazine, I squealed with glee! You go, girl! There’s no better compliment than being featured there!

  2. alison

    I love this gift guide, it’s brilliant. I’m posting to FB. I bet a lot of people would love to see these great ideas.

  3. Kassandra Johanson

    Good suggestions , Apropos , if others requires to merge PDF files , We encountered a tool here

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