Mark Your Calendars!

Earlier this month, I polled the audience (that’s me channeling Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?) about where I should travel for book readings. You all pretty much made my month with your enthusiastic response.

Now I have the beginning of my book tour schedule and I want to share it here, so that some of you can mark your schedules.

Also, if you live near one of these cities and would be interested in an event in your town/suburb let me know and maybe we can work something out. I love the idea of doing smaller, more intimate events. (We’re still working on setting up events in the Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Olympia, WA. Stay tuned for those!)

BOSTON: Wednesday, January 4
Brookline Booksmith, 7 PM
279 Harvard St.

NEW YORK CITY: Monday, January 9
Half King Reading Series, 7 PM
505 W. 23rd St.

CHICAGO: Thursday, January 12
The Book Celler, 7PM
4736-38 N. Lincoln Ave.

LOS ANGELES: Monday, January 16
Small World Books, 6 PM
1407 Ocean Front Walk (Venice)

HIGHLAND PARK, IL: Wednesday, January 18
Highland Park Public Library, 7 PM
494 Laurel Ave.

LANSING, MI: Thursday, January 26
Schuler Books & Music/Girls’ Night Out
2820 Towne Center Blvd.

If you’re in Boston, New York, Chicago, LA, or Lansing, I would be so so SO thrilled to see you at these events. Each one will include a reading, Q & A, and signing. After all your support of this blog, it would be such a treat for me to meet you and thank you in person.

Also, MWF Seeking BFF is officially coming out this month! I can’t get over it. As a thank you to those of you who pre-order, I’m sending out friendship bracelets. Why? Because they’re awesome. And because we’re friends. So if you want one, just send me an email, tell me you’ve pre-ordered and include your address.  Soon we’ll have matching bracelets. ‘Cause we’re that cool.


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16 responses to “Mark Your Calendars!

  1. Karen A.

    So Exciting Rachel! Looking forward to seeing you in New York.

  2. Very cool! I’ll see you at the Book Cellar.

  3. Your book tour is so exciting, but MORE exciting is that I already pre-ordered and I most definitely want a friendship bracelet! Do you need help hand braiding and/or beading these bracelets? If so, I am available.

  4. So exciting! If you expand that tour, let me know! (and I pre-ordered your book months ago, so I’m totally emailing you for a friendship bracelet…I won’t lie, I’m excited about it!!)

  5. Oh noooooo

    You’re going to be in Boston when I’m still down south for the holidays. 😦

    And my friend WORKS at the Booksmith….

  6. Debbi

    I would love a friendship bracelet, and look forward to seeing you in boston on jan. 4. that’s quite a book tour you have planned!
    Debbi Coran
    19 Williams Rd.
    Sharon, MA 02067

  7. katieleigh

    YAY! I cannot WAIT to see you at the Booksmith. One of my favorite bloggers + one of my favorite bookstores=perfection. Woohoo!

  8. I pre-ordered on Amazon forever ago. Does that count? I want a bracelet, too. I’ll see you in NYC next month.
    This must be very exciting for you. At least you start with cities you know.
    Great ice breaker. You must be so psyched!!!

  9. I’ll plan on seeing you in Lansing if the weather cooperates!

  10. Jean

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Portland! It’s your first book tour. Very exciting!

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