BFF Quiz! (Part Four)

Alright, this is the second-to-last batch of questions for the “Do You Know Your Best Friend” quiz. Can you believe that Sara and I spent an entire weekend taking this? I gotta tell you, it was so fun. I highly recommend bookmarking these installments and bringing them up when you and your bestie have a reunion weekend. You’ll test your knowledge, learn new random factoids, and get great laughs at how ridiculous some of the questions are.

In this batch, a few questions (specifically in the late 70s) get kind of annoying in their “yes, no, depends” answers. But still, it’s entertaining.

And, in case any of you would be willing to be best friends with me one day, let me give you some answers so we can pass this test down the line: I’ve never belonged to a fan club though I used to write to celebrities who I knew sent autographed pictures back (I had that book that told you who would respond), and I had a framed signed 8×10 pic of Whoopi Goldberg in my bedroom growing up. I only get motion sickness when I read in the car. I bite my fingernails and I’ve recently learned to love olives.

See? We’re BFFs already!

Part four:

61. Has she ever belonged to a fan club? If so, whose?

62. What’s under her bed? a) clothes b) papers c) old toys d) just the floor

63. Would she rather baby-sit: a) a girl? b) a boy? c) either? d) neither?

64. Has she ever practiced yoga? a) Many times b) A few times c) Never

65. Does she experience motion sickness: a) In cars? b) In buses? c) On boats? d) Elsewhere? e) Nowhehere?

66. If she got love letters and then broke up with the writer, would she: a) Save the letters and reread them every so often? b) Put them in the trash and forget about them? c) Burn them and grind the ashes into the dirt with her heaviest boots? {The universal answer here is a, no? Don’t all girls do that? Wallowing in the past every now and then and all that?}

67. In case of an emergency evacuation, what two things at home–things, not people–would she want to take?

68. Has she ever? a) Played pool b) Had a crush on someone she never met? c) Fallen asleep in class?

69. Which of these statements will she agree with? a) “I have been best friends with a cheerleader.” b) “Guys who wear glasses can be real cute.” c) “I’ve never made a major decision I regretted.”

70. Is she a fingernail biter? a) She sometimes bites her nails. b) She bites them all the time. c) She used to bit them but quit. d) She never bites them.

71. Which does she prefer? a) Swimming b) Bicycling

72. Olives? She: a) Loves ’em b) Can take ’em or leave ’em c) Hates ’em

73. What’s her mother’s maiden name?

74. “I always get my best ideas in the shower.” She’ll say: a) “Me too!” b) “I never do.” c) “Well, maybe once in a while…”

75. How does she view her sleep habits? a) “I never get enough sleep.” b) “I don’t get enough during the week, but I usually catch up on weekends.” c) “I get all the sleep I need, thank you.”

76. “I’d be happy living with all antique furniture.” She’ll say: a) “Me too!” b) “I prefer new.” c) “Well, maybe some old, some new…”

77. “You never regret what you do, only what you don’t do.” She’ll say: a) “I totally agree.” b)”I can give you plenty of examples of the opposite.” d) “Well, there’s some truth to that.”

78. “I’ve never met a guy I can talk to the way I talk to girl friends.” She’ll say: a) “Me neither!” b) “I’ve had more than one guy friend I can really talk to.” c) “Well that’s probably right, but…”

79.  Has she ever thought of changing her name? (Ten bonus points if you can give at least one new name she’s chosen.): a) Never b) Long ago c) Recently. Name she chose is….

80. Rank these in the order she’d choose to attend them: a) Parade c) Circuse d) Horse Show e) Ballet

What’d you think of this batch? Easier? Harder? How are you and your best friend faring?

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  1. Naomi

    Do you have part 5 up? Because I haven’t been able to find it

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