MWF Seeking BFF, The Book: In A Town/Book Club Near You?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’m really lucky to have readers that return to this blog every day. Or every week. Or once a month. However often you check in, thank you. I would totally give you a bear hug if I could.

The publication of MWF Seeking BFF, in its zippy little book form, is 40 days away. I can’t really wrap my head around it. Excited, nervous, terrified, anxious, thrilled. It’s all jumbled up in there.

As you can probably tell, I’m still figuring out how the whole book publication thing works. So instead of navigating totally on my own, I thought I’d reach out to you, my lovely readers, for some insight.

This informal weekend poll has two prongs:

Prong Number One: Would you be interested in coming to an MWF Seeking BFF reading or other book event in your town? Said gathering would probably involve me reading a quick passage from the book, and then doing a Q & A. Or, I could do a more BFF related event. A bring-your-bestie gathering. Or a make-new-friends fiesta. Or something with a much much less lame name than that.

If so, please comment below or email me and let me know where you live (just the city, I’m not asking for your home address or anything. I’m not creepy), and if there’s a specific bookstore you think would be a great fit. Bookstores usually expect a decent-sized turnout, so if you have friends who would join you for a reading, let me know! And, for real, no need to comment just to be nice if book readings aren’t your thing. I totally get it. Please only let me know if you really think you’d try to attend.

Prong Number Two: Are you interested in having me visit your book club? I love book clubs–I’ve met some of my favorite people through the two I’ve been in. So I’d be thrilled to visit yours–in person, via Skype, by phone. If your book club wants to read MWF Seeking BFF, then let’s talk about it! I could answer questions, chat about the writing process, expound on the hilarious absurdities that seemed to confront me at every friend-searching turn. (I’d also be happy to speak to women’s networking or empowerment groups.)

Please comment below or shoot me an email if you’d like me to join your book club for an author chat. And feel free to pass this offer along to your book clubby friends. I know lots of groups set their dates and pick their books way in advance.

Gauging interest will really help me plan for my book launch. Thanks so much! Did I mention you’re the best?


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29 responses to “MWF Seeking BFF, The Book: In A Town/Book Club Near You?

  1. Carolyn

    Durham or Chapel Hill, NC

    Good spot – so many transient folks! I’ve had so many good friends move after grad school / med. school, etc.

    • Rachel– It’s Sneha…. and I agree with Carolyn, and since I’m in the Raleigh area too, Durham/Raleigh/Chapel Hill are all great areas to pick…with Duke,UNC,NC State and several other universities close by — it’s sure to attract a big crowd! Come visit here!

  2. Tracy

    Rachel we want / need you in Portland Oregon! Would love to have you do a reading / meet new friends type event here. Powell’s Books holds lots of events. They are the largest independent bookstore (new and used books) in the world and my favorite place to shop and to take out of town visitors.

  3. Amy

    Washington, DC! Politics & Prose. I would totally be there. πŸ™‚ I’m really looking forward to the book too.

  4. Anne

    I think you know I’m in Chicago, and obviously you should do a reading here. The Book cellar would be fun, and the Women’s First book store in Andersonville would probably be a good place too.

    I think sticking with the theme of the book, a make new friends fiesta would be cool!

  5. Rachel, Would love to have you in Phoenix or Scottsdale AZ. And you could get some R and R time at any of the local lovely resorts.

  6. Ana

    If you are coming to the east coast, stop by Philly! I have to think a bit re: venues. There is a barnes & noble in the city that does smallish events.

  7. Come to Prairie Lights (in Iowa City) and do a reading!! It’s so close to Chicago and I’ll take you out to dinner…if that’s not creepy. If it is creepy, than forget I said anything.

  8. San Francisco! Passage Books in Marin (north of the City), Books Inc in the City (probably best at their Marina store?) and I know there are amazing ones in Berkeley but can’t name any of them off the top of my head! I’d be happy to help make those happen next year! I could even tie it together with a speed-friending event where I guide everyone for 30 minutes prior to your talk? πŸ™‚

  9. Maryl

    Books & Books in Miami. Although I feel the need to warn you that Miami is not a very friendly city!

  10. NYC is a big place, but there are many readings at the Barnes & Noble bookstores at both Lincoln Center and 86th street stores.
    I would promise now that I would attend and bring as many friends as possible. Unfortunately, I don’t belong to any book club, but could post it on the WGA bulletin board and NYWIFT event weekly email.

  11. I am outside of Binghamton, NY – but it’s so tiny that I don’t know if it would be great, but I would definitely go! If you do decide that you are going to come near there, I’m not sure where…there is a Barnes and Noble near there, but I don’t know how many events they do. If you end up going anywhere in NY, let me know – I probably won’t go down to NYC, but I have friends in a lot of the other major cities (and even though I wouldn’t be making new friends that I could see all the time, I’d still travel to come and visit and get to meet you)…good luck with all of this!!


  12. Erica

    You will have to come to New York, right? The obvious places is, as a previous commenter said, Barnes and Noble. But those readings tend to be sort of cookie-cutter events (especially now that the Lincoln Triangle location has closed). It would be completely awesome if you could read at the 92Y, either uptown or in Tribeca (they do tons of stuff, some Jewish-themed, some not, and have hosted all manner of famous authors, including just recently Jeffrey Eugenides and Jennifer Egan, although I’m guessing as an ex-New-Yorker you know all about this). Other cool venues in NYC are McNally Jackson (an indie bookstore in Soho, fairly new) and The Half King (a pub that holds readings – they had Jeanne Marie Laskas a couple years ago when one of her memoirs came out). If you are going to be in NYC for a few days you might consider seeing if you can participate in a reading/speaking series – e.g. Happy Ending or Story Collider – these draw a fairly regular crowd of people who might not have heard of you before.

    • Thanks Erica! I think I will be at The Half-King and will be sure to keep you posted. I’m going to look into Happy Ending and Story Collider. And yeah, the 92nd Street Y would be dreamy… that place is amazing.Thanks!

  13. Hey Rachel,

    I’m going to be in Charleston SC until April, but I’d def try to drive up to Raleigh / Durham area if you were planning on making an appearance. Would be VERY interested in a “meet people” type event / reading.

  14. Karen A.

    Please include Poughkeepsie, NY on your list, Merritt Books in Millbrook, NY hosts readings as does the Barnes and Nobles in Poughkeepsie.

  15. Kelly

    If you ever come to Southwest England to promote your book I will totally be there with bells on for a reading.

    • I’m DYING to go to Austin! I’ve never been, and it’s the home of my favorite show Friday Night Lights. I was just telling my husband last night that I need to take a trip to Texas. I’ve only been to the Dallas Fort-Worth Airport (for a layover). Not good enough!

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