Quiz! (Part Three): Do You Know Your BFF?

I know, you thought I forgot. You’ve been cursing me for two weeks because you couldn’t stand the suspense. I get it. I do. But fear not, the wait is over.

Part 3 of the BFF quiz is below. Please excuse the editor’s notes, but–shockingly, I’m sure–I had a few questions I had to run by you.

40. What usually wakes her up? a) An alarm clock b) A person c) A pet d) Her own natural clock

41. What kind of doodles does she make? a) Letters or words b) People or animals c) Lines or shapes d) Nothing—she’s not a toddler

42. She’d rather watch a movie: a) At home b) In a theater

43. Is there a song that always makes her sad? a) Yes, it’s [fill in the blank] b) Not really

44. Does she have a favorite motto or quote posted by her desk or embroidered on a pillow? a) Yes, it’s [fill in the blank] b) No

45. Which usually takes her longer? a) Getting ready to leave home in the morning b) Getting ready for bed at night {Editor’s note: Please advise… are there really people who take longer to get ready for bed than to leave the house?}

46. When it’s time to do the dishes, which does she prefer? a) Washing b) Drying c) Hiding

47. If she could take one item of clothing from your wardrobe, what would it be?

48. In a Chinese restaurant, she notices that the people at the next table are really enjoying their food. They don’t know what it is, and the waiter cant explain it in English. She’ll say: a) “I’ll have what they’re having.” b) “Chicken with walnuts, please.” {Editor’s note: Is there something racist about a question that assumes all Chinese restaurant waiters can’t speak English? This one doesn’t sit well.}

49. If someone passed out in front of her, would she: a) Run for help b) Yell to somebody  else to get help while she tried first aid? c) Look around for others to do something?

50. Does she pay attention to the weather forecast? a) Yes, at least once a day b) Only if she thinks the weather would have a big impact on her plans c) No, she doesn’t bother

51. What’s her favorite flower?

52. What part or feature of her body does she hate most?

53. What was the last board game she played?

54. Does she know her astrological sign? (Does she care?) a) Yes (and she thinks it really matters) b) Yes (but she isn’t into it) c) No (she couldn’t care less) {Editor’s Note: Are there people in the world who don’t even know their sign???]

55. Does her family have any pet names for her? a) Yes, it’s [fill in the blank] b) None that she’ll admit to

56. Does she have any family member or friend who is: a) A nurse? b) A musician? c) A carpenter? d) A government employee? e) A florist? f) A farmer?

57. How many stuffed animals does she own? a) None b) Just one c) Between two and five d) A lot e) Too many to count

58. In the past year, has she: a) Walked out of a bad movie? b) Cried in front of someone? c) Played a song or a whole CD more than twice in a row?

59. Does she think she looks more like her mother or her father?

60. Would she rather spend a couple of hours with someone eight years old or eighty?

So, what do you think of this batch? How’d you do? And is there anyone who wouldn’t opt to hide from dirty dishes?

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