Let’s Hear It For The Boys

I don’t know what it is but male friendship is in the air this week. Two of my favorite shows had episodes that dealt with some serious man love.

First, on Modern Family Phil basically went inside my head and explained to Luke that it’s hard to make friends as an adult. “When you get older it all changes. Life gets in the way,” he says. “Yeah I have work friends, and your mom and I have couples friends, and there are college friends, but they’re scattered all over the country. It’s not the same as yelling out to your neighborhood buddies.”

So I’ve heard, Phil. So I’ve heard.

Then on Grey’s Anatomy (yes, I still watch it. Yes, I still love it) there was a funny subplot about Mark’s man-crush on Avery. It’s a serious bromance they have going. (The other day I heard someone use the term ‘sistah-mance.’ Thoughts? I don’t think it works.)

In general, I love watching male friendships develop because these guys who usually play it super cool turn into giddy little boys.

Like at the end of Modern Family, when Phil picks up a new friend while building his son a treehouse. The new friend squeals to his wife “The guy in the treehouse is cool!” With the excitement in his voice, he could have easily been an 8-year-old talking to his mom. Check out the clip here. (Ty Burrell so deserved that Emmy.)

Do you have any favorite TV clips about bromances? The episode of Seinfeld where he befriends Keith Hernandez is a classic. And I also love the How I Met Your Mother where Marshall and Lily have broken up so he picks up a brunch buddy. “This zucchini bread is ridonculous!”


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7 responses to “Let’s Hear It For The Boys

  1. niobeway

    Yes boys’ friendships have been in the air lately. Check out this article in the Wall Street Journal. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970203707504577012141105109140.htm It’s all about boys’ intense desires for close friendships. Niobe (author of Deep Secrets: Boys’ Friendships and the Crisis of Connection) Yes I can be shameless too.

  2. I watched both of those and actually thought– I’ll bet Rachel will write about these! πŸ™‚ You go girl! And you must not watch “New Girl” or you would have highlighted the classic scene where one of the guys felt scorned since he had never seen his BFF’s private parts (and another roommate had). Classic. It has been fun to watch friendships (both guys and girls) getting depicted. Keep updating us– I love your pop culture appreciation!

  3. Anonymous

    I know it’s sort of Old School but I always loved the bromance between Corey and Shawn on Boy Meets World! I watch the reruns in the morning when I’m getting ready for work. πŸ™‚

  4. DeeJay

    I agree with Chris^, Turk & JD’s bromance is beautiful! I watched the show because they’re so open with each other!

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