Is It Ever Too Late: The Aftermath

OMG. You guys. This happened.

You know how on Monday I blogged about the potential BFF who I was worried I’d missed the boat on? We both do the “let’s get together!” thing whenever we see each other, but then we drop the ball and don’t connect?

As I suspected, you all totally understood where I was coming from (thanks!) but then accurately told me to suck it up and just send an email.

Well. Along comes Tuesday, and I was so caught up in work that I didn’t have a chance to write to her yet. And then, in the early afternoon, she sent me an email. The gist of which read “let’s finally get together.” Crazy right??

So my first thought: I don’t believe in The Secret, but holy schnikes this is weird. I put it into the universe!

Second thought: She probably read the blog. How embarrassing. Slash awesome.

I emailed her back with a whole long “this is the weirdest thing ever, do you read my blog?” message, explaining that I’d just written about her, she’d been on my mind, and yes, let’s get dinner asap.

Turns out, she reads my blog and had read that post. But, she didn’t know it was about her! It simply reminded her that she wanted to reach out, so she did. And now we’re having dinner Wednesday.

Well, that was easy.

So after years of we-should-get-togethers, we are finally getting together. And it’s all thanks to this here blizzog.

What do you think? Does this make you want to send that email to your “we-should-get-together” friend? Turns out our friendship window was still wide open. Yours probably is too.

{In other exciting news: If you’d like a sneak peek of MWF Seeking BFF, check out this excerpt from Chapter 1! If you like it, you can pre-order a copy on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound or Powell’s. Pre-orders are a really big deal for a book’s sales, so thank you so so SO much.}


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8 responses to “Is It Ever Too Late: The Aftermath

  1. San

    I totally think she knew that your blog post was about her… but who cares? You’re getting together! AWESOME!

  2. I think it’s The Secret at work. Hope you guys have a good friend date!

    And your blog inspired me- when a mother in my son’s class mentioned she wants to try Zumba I told her “Me too! Let’s do it!”

  3. I also think she totally knew 🙂 but that’s okay…. we all want to save face.

    when you gave that challenge a few weeks back, I contacted someone and we’re also getting together for supper on Wed next week!

  4. PS I’ve just gone to read your excerpt and I can’t wait for your book to come out. Now, since I’m in South Africa, is there going to be a Kindle version?

  5. That is really awesome! I don’t think any of my friends read my blog regularly. I’d be shocked. Have getting together with her! I’ll go pre-order your book straight away. Will you also sign it if we mail it to you?


    • Absolutely! I’d be happy to sign it. I’m also going to look into bookplates that I can sign and send out so that you don’t have to go to the trouble of sending me the book and I can get it to you sooner… Stay tuned!

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