Friday BFF Greetings

Julie over at Fox and Bird tweeted me this greeting card yesterday. If only we each sent it to one other person… My blog would be out of business!

Send it to one potential pal today. If she’s worth being friends with, she’ll love it.

(Also, what is that creature? It looks like a four-legged potato person with a horn.)


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6 responses to “Friday BFF Greetings

  1. katieleigh

    That is fabulous. (Is it a gopher with 2 extra legs?)

  2. alison

    I think it is a guinea pig

  3. Husband

    It’s a chipmunk with four teats.

  4. Krystal

    This is amazing! I was just talking to my Real Life BFF (speaking with our voices) about this same concept. I thought that dating and friendships were being diminished by texting and FB but a beautiful thing happened. I received an actual phone call (without a previous text asking to call) There is hope and still people out there who want to be real friends!

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