My Internet BFFs: Weekend Reading

About a year ago I wrote a post sharing with you some Internet goodies. They featured people who would be my besties if I lived in the World Wide Web. In the past couple of days I’ve come across another handful of gems I want to share. Articles that made me think–Who wrote this? Why aren’t we friends?–and videos of kids who are so hilarious and happy that I just want to hang out with them asap.

So let me introduce you to my Internet BFFs: Volume 2. It’ll make for a good Friday pick-me-up.

First, there’s the new site Rookie Mag. It’s a website for teenage girls, technically. But it’s for teens the way Harry Potter is for kids or Sesame Street is for pre-schoolers. Which is to say, the target audience will love it, but so will you. (Watched Sesame lately? They have stellar inside jokes for the older set.) Rookie posts thoughtful, well-written pieces three times a day–after school, dinner time, and before bed–from writers like Miranda July and Paul Feig, and columns have names like “Literally The Best Thing Ever,” which makes me happy because it sounds like the kind of declaration I would make about something like, say, Puffins cereal or my new airplane eye mask or, well, Rookie Mag.

Of course I want to be BFFs with 15-year-old Tavi Gevinson. She’s the editor-in-chief of Rookie, a fashion guru, and is more accomplished at 15 then I ever will be. Also because they post a lot of stories about friendship and girl-crushes. This is for high schoolers after all, when friends are everything. But for today, I’ll direct your attention to this piece: Your Teen Witch BFF, which pretty much runs through all the super-powered teens you could be friends with, and why they are awesome. It’s real fun.

Speaking of online odes to best friends, reader Elise directed my attention to this “Awkward Letter To My Best Friend(?)” the other day. (Thanks Elise!) We’ve all chatted on this blog about how to tell a new friend that she has become your BFF. Here’s one way:

“Writing it to you in a public letter on a blog you read ranked only slightly above hiring a man with a megaphone to shout it at you as soon as you left your apartment in the morning. … As embarrassing as it is, the point of this letter is for me to say, truthfully, ‘You’re my best friend!!’ Congratulations? … If this were kindergarten, I’d be sharing my blocks with you, buddy. I’m really excited about you because you seem so great! This is true friendship. Don’t you feel so alive?! But I have concerns. Namely, I wondered: Should you tell someone that they’re your best friend? Is that weird? It feels strange to out of nowhere say, ‘Hey, you’re my best friend.’ Where do you slip that into casual conversation? … So uh, I guess what I’m asking is: Am I also your best friend? Not that it matters. It doesn’t. … I’m getting ahead of myself and probably being really creepy. I do that sometimes. You know that already because we’re best(??) friends.”

And finally, I want to be best friends with the girl on this video because she is awesome. Enough said.

Do you have any Internet BFFs I should know about? Send them my way!

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  1. I am so glad you posted this video; it’s just so great for females everywhere. She is the embodiment of what we’d all be if we had no fear. She makes me love the girls in my life, and being a girl, all the more. Rachel, thanks for making like Sophia Grace and encouraging us to believe that bonds with the women who inspire us most are possible. Girl powah!

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