BFF Hodgepodge

I’m still pondering over yesterday’s question–how soon is too soon to friend someone on Facebook?–and implore you to weigh in. Together we can come up with a good rule of thumb. I know it!

Face it, guys, these are the things we waste our worrisome energy on. I was especially fascinated with an email I got from a friend, which I demanded politely asked that he include in the comments. “You did leave out one very important nuance. It’s all about how much of the profile you can already see when not friends with said person. If you can’t see anything, friend immediately. If you can already see wall posts, photos, etc. wait some time. Works like a charm.”

Clearly other people have thought about this.

So let me know what you think. We could conquer the modern world with these answers. We’re doing a social service here!

Other random on-the-internet BFF things I have to say:

– I’ve been hearing this same song at my workout class lately, and yesterday I figured out the words that have been drowning out my treadmill. It’s called Best Friend’s Brother and it’s all about how some girl is in love with her BFF’s bro, or BFB as she calls him. I find this is a strange basis for a pop hit. And who is this Victoria Justice anyway? Not knowing who she was at the Video Music Awards made me feel the oldest ever. Will someone with a tween please enlighten me?

– There’s a midseason NBC drama coming out called Best Friends Forever. Here’s a clip. (For some reason I can’t get this to embed in this post. Sorry about that.) The jury’s still out.

– The third season of Bestie x Bestie is back. Remember their most amazing first video? Enjoy the episode below. (But take note: It’s appropriateness is questionable. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

{In blatant self-promotion book news: MWF Seeking BFF got its first review! From Publisher’s Weekly. Check it out, and perhaps you’ll be inspired to pre-order a copy. Pre-orders are extra helpful since they all count toward first week sales, the most important week for a book. Thanks!}

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  1. Beth

    God I love those Bestie x Besties. I send them to my BFF everytime.

    Anyway, the facebook thing. I error on the side of caution and wait until there is an established friendship for multiples reasons (same with dating!). It’s usually too much too soon and people are at different comfort levels. UNLESS that is the only way of getting ahold of them, then I think you write a note and say ‘hey, i wanted to follow up, etc…” What do we think?

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