Friends of The Help

My eyes are still puffy from crying too much last night.

Why was I crying, you ask? Oh, you know, just the total sobfest that is The Help. I read that book back when I first joined my book club, so yesterday we took a group trip to the movie theaters. I cried early and often.

For anyone who’s read the book, you probably know it’s a film that is ultimately about friendship. Unlikely friendships, unbreakable friendships, and even outgrown friendships. And I know it’s become a bit of a controversial movie, but I’ve gotta say that I really enjoyed it. You know, as much as crying your eyes out is enjoyable. And it is, in a cathartic movie-going kind of way.

If I taught a course in BFFship, this movie would be on the syllabus (oooh, now I’m starting to get an idea. The BFF Film Series!). There’s the deep, we-need-each-other to survive friendship of Aibileen and Minny. The why-are-we-even-friends-I-guess-it’s-just-’cause-we-grew-up-together relationship between Skeeter and Hilly. And the you-never-know-where-you’ll-find-a-pal bonds between Celia and Minny, Skeeter and Aibileen.

And then, of course, is the backstory: Katheryn Stockett, author, sells early movie rights–before the book is a hit–to BFF Tate Taylor, because she trusted him with her baby. They cast friends Octavia Spencer and Alison Janney. As Janney said, “I love that this whole project is about friendship and loyalty. That’s not a story you hear very often in Hollywood.”

Oh, and my friend and I agree that little Mae Mobley deserves an Oscar. Campaigning commenced.

Have you seen The Help? What did you think? Does it rank up there with some of the best BFF movies?


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8 responses to “Friends of The Help

  1. katieleigh

    I loved The Help (the book and movie). I cried, too – multiple times. (I went to see it with four girlfriends, and we were all sniffling.) You’re right – there are so many layers of friendship in this movie. I particularly love the growing bond between Minny and Celia.

    And the BFF Film Series sounds like a GREAT idea!

  2. Kim

    Sweet little Mae Mobley is a “they”. Twins. 🙂 And what is so fun… They are sweet little locals (I live in Jackson,MS) that tried out for the part. :). The production did a wonderful job of utilizing locals. Another example of friendship. Giving back to the area.

  3. I enjoyed the movie, but thought the book had more heart.

  4. I wasn’t about watching the movie, now I want to read the book and watch the movie. Thanks for that unusual review from the heart.

  5. I meant I wasn’t sure about watching the movie 🙂

  6. I also loved the book and movie. Like time with a bff, I did not want the book to end–I enjoyed it that much! I appreciate that, like the book, the movie makes you feel good about friendship and caring for one another. The story, whether read or watched, is so satisfying because of the relationships portrayed. I am glad you wrote about this –thanks Rachel!

  7. LOVED it! Loved the book, the movie, and all the friendship connections you mentioned in the post. I organized a bunch of friends to see the movie together and that made it fun too.

    Beaches is still my all-time fav friendship movie. Hard to beat it.

  8. I enjoyed reading the book, but haven’t seen the movie yet! 🙂 The book was really good though and I hope the movie does it justice!

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