Besties are the Best Medicine

I wanted to write a post today about my latest friend-making aha! moment, but that will have to wait till next week. (I know, the suspense is so intense that you’ll hardly make it through the weekend. Try to contain yourselves. Please.) Today, my head feels so fogged with jet-lag and some crazy cough I can’t shake that trying to whip up some thoughtful post is just silly. I might be on a Robitussin high, and a normal night’s sleep is starting to seem a distant memory.  In short, I’m a bit of a train wreck.

Ok. Got that out. Enough complaining. Seriously. Who whines this much on a Friday morning?

It’s on a day like this that we want old friends around. People who make us laugh, love us no matter how frizzy and unwashed our hair (mine = very), and are perfectly content to sit on the couch and not talk while we watch Seinfeld reruns or Mean Girls on TBS (both of which were on yesterday). How lucky for me, then, that my BFF is here. She’s seen me in worse shape than this. Hanging with her is effortless, so it doesn’t take the energy it might to be “on” for a newbie, and, of course, if there are any people I’ll suck up a hacking cough and burning desire to crawl under the covers and wallow in germs for, it’s my besties.

Maybe that’s just another great influence best friends have on us. Not only will they bring us chicken soup if necessary, but they’re the people for whom we will get out of bed, into a shower and then a cute outfit, and rejoin the human race when all we’d want to do otherwise is have a pity party. And, really, the best medicine for this kind of day is just sucking it up.

And maybe brushing this hair.

What do you want from your friends on a sick day? Someone to bring you chicken soup and old Friends DVDs? Or someone to say “Buck up girl! We’re going out!” Or is there a nice middle ground?




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2 responses to “Besties are the Best Medicine

  1. I think I what I want most is someone that knows when they need to coax me out – because there are times when I do need to be asked once, twice, then not given the option before I’ll agree – but also knows when I need a night in with friends or a night completely by myself.

    Hope you’re enjoying your time with your bestie (even if you are sick).

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