High School Yearbook: Facebook Edition

When I came across this infographic, I couldn’t help but think of last year’s high school reunion. It was totally devoid of surprises, and I blame Facebook.

Everything I needed to know, I learned from my newsfeed.

Have you come across these high school Facebook culprits? Did this list leave anyone off? And are you as obsessed with Internet infographics as I am?


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7 responses to “High School Yearbook: Facebook Edition

  1. Ha! This is so true. I didn’t go to my 10 year (I’m 4 hours away and was busy that weekend) but already knew what everyone was up to thanks to FB. I’ve been out of high school just long enough to have a ton of Baby Braggers on my friend list. Like, I get it, you had a baby and your bundle of joy is the cutest baby in the world. But daily pictures and updates? Isn’t there a baby blog out there waiting to be written? And as my boyfriend puts it, it’s a little creepy to be friends with so many babies.

  2. Fun post and well timed for me. I am going to my twenty year reunion in a few months.

  3. Luckily, my 25 year high school reunion happened before FB was around, so it was all very surprising and wonderful to see how everyone looked and what everyone was up to.
    Only a few of us stayed in touch (by snail mail or phone) with each other.
    I would not be happy to attend now knowing everything in advance and seeing how “old boyfriends” look.
    Probably would have been very disappointed.
    Thanks for the subject.

  4. Robin

    Do you think not accepting an ex’s friend request really makes you a smaller person? I keep getting requests from my ex-boyfriend of ten years ago, but I feel like I want to keep that in the past (where it belongs). He wasn’t the greatest boyfriend to begin with! I wish him well and all of that, but feel like it’s better to stay rooted in the present as much as I can.

    • No! I actually don’t think it makes you a smaller person AT ALL. I see how it might seem like that to some, but I think it makes you logical. Everyone wants to be “friends” with everyone these days, but I think keeping the past in the past is probably smart.

      My ex isn’t on Facebook. If he were, and he friended me, I’d probably accept because I’d want to seem “over it.” (Marrying someone else, and the fact that it’s been more than a decade, should probably do that as well.) But then I’d probably spend lots of time analyzing his life, which would be wholely unproductive….

  5. I was wondering how facebook would change high school reunions. I think by the time I have my high school reunion it won’t be quite the same as it used to be because most everyone is on facebook and shares plenty of pictures and status updates. There probably won’t be many surprises.

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