The True Test of This Quest

Back in my more friendless days, the true reality of my local situation hit hardest whenever Matt left town. It’s not that I was totally dependent on my husband, but when he would head out of town for a long weekend with his high school buddies, that’s when my weekends suddenly got quiet. No date nights or plans with his coworkers to mask the truth. Weekends consisted of me, TV and some brunches with my Mom.

You’re jealous, I know.

This weekend is one of those weekends. Matt is in Las Vegas for his BFF’s bachelor party and I’m flying solo. The good news is that if nothing else, this is one of those markers that reminds me how far I’ve come. Last night, I hosted my cooking club for our second annual make-your-own-pizza night (get the recipes here). Tonight I’ll be seeing Harry Potter with two of my ex-work BFFs (I’ll be the one in the “Muggle” T-shirt carrying the Ginny Weasley wand). Saturday will be quiet, but there are potential plans with potential BFFs. I’m not worried. And Sunday will be saved for my little bro.

This is the kind of weekend I dreamed of once upon a time. Not too cramped, but not too quiet or lonely either. I’m equally excited for the solo time as I am for all the friend dates. A fantastic blend.

When the tables are turned–when I’m out of town and Matt’s fending for himself–his days are much different. I think. It seems men don’t get the same sense of friendship longing that women do. Or perhaps it takes longer for their loneliness to set in. Not sure. Unfortunately, I’ve never been in their heads.

The point is, I’m excited for the chance to extend invitations and make phone calls to those friends I worked so hard to meet last year. The “my new BFF” question is still lingering, but if I’m looking for someone for a last-minute playdate, at least I have some phone numbers.

That’s more than I could have said last year.

When you have a weekend to yourself, how do you spend it? How much “friend-time” is your ideal?


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3 responses to “The True Test of This Quest

  1. Laurie Lee

    I never get a weekend to myself with a hubby and 2 teenagers but if I did I would enjoy an at least one friend outing and would also enjoy some alone time. I’m an outgoing person but have always enjoyed downtime. I don’t need to constantly be with people. I know they’re out there, lol.

    This weekend I have a lunch/shopping outing with a gf on Saturday at a local outdoor mall, and Sunday sadly I’m attending a wake with another gf for a childhood friend:( We’ll probably end up crying over Starbucks afterwards. Somewhere in there dh and I will probably go out to do something, although he’s hot to see Harry Potter and I’ve never been into it. He’s currently looking for a freind date of his own, lol.

  2. Suzannah

    I am hoping someone might be able to help me out! About a year ago I took a friendship quiz over at a friend’s house…I have tried to find that quiz again, it was one of the best of those sort of things I have ever done…so the only clues I remember are my results showed I was an influencer & a was more serious and lengthy quiz …I thought we were looking on the ‘friendship blog by Irene’ but have not found it..just hoping someone else loves personality quizzes and remembers it!
    My friend can’t check her history, her laptop was stolen traveling during the holidays.

  3. I am very happy to see that your quest has been a success. I am where you were last year, without a BFF, actually any friends, and in a new state. Although my husband telecommutes he does have to work at his office, 600 miles away, once a month. This week, my 2 daughters and I were on our own in our quest for new BFF’s. I hope we are as successful were. I enjoy your blog, have a great weekend!

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