Is My Mom The Cutest Or What?

An actual email, received from Mom, at 9:57 last night:

Subject: I Should Write A Book

I could write the old ladies version of your book. Weight Watchers is having a fitness challenge and they want people to do some sort of walk, run, or race on May 22, with training before it.

So a lady put up a sign at the WW center asking anyone who wanted a walking partner to email her. So I did and we just spoke on the phone and we are going to meet on Sunday morning to walk. I think she must be in my age range. She used to work in a spa and she lives nearby.

I’m going to walk to and from her place and we will walk 40 minutes by the lake.

My mom is all BFF-searchy! Doesn’t it just make you want to hug her?


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8 responses to “Is My Mom The Cutest Or What?

  1. Like mother like daughter … xoxo

  2. Mom

    If I had realized it would be posted when I wrote it, I would have tried to be more witty and charming.

    I think I meant to say “oldER ladies’ version”

  3. Good for Mom! Yay You!!

  4. Callie

    I always want to hug her– but this makes me want to hug her more. New York City misses ALL the Bertsches!

  5. Janet

    I consider myself one of your mom’s lucky friends – I get to hug her every week!

  6. Rob

    Your mom is someone I *always* want to hug! She’s a charter member of the pantheon of “Best Moms Ever.”. And she’s *surrounded* by BFFs – there are more of us than she even realizes.

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