Birthday Greetings

Last year, on my birthday, I made a request. You blog readers have become friends, I said. If you really want to get me something, anything, a simple forward or two of my blog would be much appreciated. Spread the word, I requested. Tell two (or more) friends about this site, and I would be forever grateful.

Well, here we are again. I don’t know how it happened. That blog post feels like yesterday. And yet today it is 365 days later. It’s my birthday again—29 this time—and I feel equally, if not more, indebted to you all. Some of you have been coming back to this site every day for the past year. Some are new to my search. Others are existing friends who visit my blog daily because you are just that awesome.

So many options. All of which deserve a big THANK YOU.

After all the clicking you’ve done to return to this blog each day, you don’t owe me anything. But, since it is my birthday, and this is the only time I can come right out there and ask for a celebratory gift, I’m just going to do it. Again. Because there is something I would love more than anything for the big 2-9 this year.

If you are so moved… won’t you pre-order my book?

MWF Seeking BFF doesn’t come out until January 10, but as it turns out, it’s already available for pre-order on quite a few sites. There is no cover image yet, and some of the details are left blank, but there is a description, and a mini-review from The Happiness Project‘s Gretchen Rubin. And I promise you, if you pre-order now, by January 10 you will have a complete memoir with a beautiful (I’ve seen it!) cover. It will be a book that details my entire search for a new BFF—including the good, the bad, and the painfully awkward of friend-dates.

Why do I ask that you buy the book some seven months before it is in bookstores? Because pre-order sales contribute tremendously to a book’s success. All pre-orders are counted towards first week sales, which are the most important. So if you are so inclined, you can order MWF Seeking BFF at Amazon, Borders, IndieBound, or Books-A-Million. As the big day gets closer, you’ll be able to order it from plenty of other sites, but for now, these four are all I can offer.

No matter whether pre-ordering is in your plans today or not, all of you who read this blog from time to time have already fulfilled a birthday wish. Just sharing this blog with you every day is kind of a dream come true, cheesy at that sounds.

So, as they say on Cinco de Mayo, muchas gracias.

What about you? What was/will be your birthday wish this year? And does anyone out there share my big day?


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24 responses to “Birthday Greetings

  1. Happy Birthday, Rachel! My birthday is in a couple of weeks, and I just wish for another great year. Simple, but it would be nice 🙂

  2. Mom

    As you know, I’m also celebrating today and I’m sending you the biggest of birthday wishes and hugs on our big day. It seems like only yesterday that I was celebrating my 30th in the labor room.

    I will be sure to pre-order a pile of books. Best seller list here we come!

  3. Maria

    Happy Birthday Rachel! Your blog is part of my daily reading. I always love what you have to say. Thank you for writing and sharing. Have a good day.

  4. katieleigh

    My husband shares your birthday! He’s 27 today. Feliz cumpleanos to both of you!

    And ohhh, so exciting to be able to pre-order your book! Will do.

  5. M

    Happy Birthday! I know that this time next year, we won’t just be helping you celebrate the big 3-0 but we all also be celebrating your climb up the best sellers list!

  6. Happy birthday! Of course I’m pre-ordering your book! And I’m pre-ordering a couple for a few friends who will love it!!!!

    Hope you have a great birthday with a couple margaritas (gotta celebrate that cinco de mayo as well!)

  7. Megan

    My dad – well, one of them, the one who “adopted” me when I moved to Seattle turns 63 today. And congrats on the book! It is actually a dream/wish (birthday or otherwise) to become a published author as well. Feliz cumpleanos en tu dia special! Veinte nueve anos!

  8. Joanna

    Happy Birthday! I pre-ordered your book 🙂 I look forward to reading it.

  9. erica

    kindle version please!!

  10. debbi coran

    Happy Birthday, Rachel! Thanks for the heads up on pre ordering your book. Will do as soon as I get home from work today. Love to Matt.

  11. Erica

    Happy Birthday! I will pre-order today. I love my Kindle, but I want a hard copy of this so I can better admire it. Hope this coming year is full of success!

  12. Happy Birthday!!! My dad’s bday is today, and the main reason why I have never celebrated Cinco de Mayo with friends 🙂 I’m pre-ordering my copy tomorrow – payday!

  13. Lorrie Paige

    Happy Birthday Rachel! May you have many more. 🙂

  14. Rema

    just pre-ordered for my mom! Also requested the kindle edition with the link on ! Can’t wait to January… that will be MY birthday present since your book is released two weeks before my bday;)

  15. Happy birthday May birthday friend! Best wishes for the wonderful year ahead.

  16. Happy Birthday Rachel! Looking forward to reading your book.

  17. Cindy

    Belated happy birthday, Rachel! You have done an amazing job with this blog and I will happily pre-order your book. I have no doubt it will be a huge success!

  18. Jennygirl

    Happy belated birthday fellow Taurus! Hope you had a wonderful day 🙂
    Congrats on the book too.

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