Kate Middleton Could Be My BFF

I’m into the royal wedding. Not crazy into it, like superfans who bought tickets to London and have been camped out on the streets all week, but into it enough that I considered getting up at 5 a.m. to watch it live. I said considered.

I’ve long been a fan of Kate Middleton’s. I’m not sure why, exactly, as I don’t know that much about her. No one does, really, as she hardly grants interviews and hasn’t revealed much to the public. But she has always struck me as down-to-earth and normal. The kind of woman I could be friends with. You know, ’cause I’m always on the lookout for new friends. Perhaps you’ve heard…

Recently I did some research into the now-Princess Catherine. And so, in honor of today’s Royal Shinding, I present to you the five reasons why I’d totally be BFFs with Kate.

1) She’s a tomboy-turned-fashionista. Just like me! Minus the fashionista part. I’m a tomboy-turned-wannabe-fashionista. A young Kate played on the hockey, tennis, netball (apparently a British version of basketball played predominanty by females), rounders (British baseball?) and swimming teams.

2) Word is she can drink William under the table. I respect that.

3) According to ABC News, she once told a friend who said she was lucky to be with Prince William that, “He’s lucky to be with me.” Healthy self-confidence. Classy.

4) She worked as an accessories buyer. This would round out my Friends with Benefits quite well.

5) She met her new husband in college, they broke up briefly afterwards, and now they are married. I met my husband in college, we broke up briefly afterwards, and now we are married. Coincidence… or fate?

What’s most fascinating about Kate is the fact that she’s hardly ever spoken to the press, people know unbelievably little about her, and yet so many women, like me, get the sense that she’d be a great pal, an easy-going let’s-hang-out-and-drink-wine kind of BFF.

How is it that she silently gives off that impression? Her looks? Her clothes? Her apparent self-confidence? Whatever it is, I’ll have what she’s having.

What’s your take on the new princess? BFF material? Or royal snob?


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13 responses to “Kate Middleton Could Be My BFF

  1. I don’t know what it is either, but she does seem like she’s a nice, down to earth girl. Her style is pretty understated, like she’s not trying to draw a ton of attention to herself, so that’s some of it for me.

    I can relate with her because she and William dated forever before getting engaged. I’m coming up on 4 years, which is pretty much nothing compared to them. I always wondered if she was one of those girls giving William ultimatums about getting married. She seems too classy for that.

  2. Definitely in BFF category — I love her!

  3. diana

    it was 3 am not 5 am…you would’ve missed part of it!

    lover love love the royal company…i think the both of them, plus harry…seem like a lot of fun and down to earth. just wish the comparisons to charles and diana would stop!
    her mother evidently was a social climber who really wanted this but i get the impression that if william wasn’t “the one” kate would have left

  4. I know nothing about this woman except that I’ve seen her in a lot of pictures (and her wedding is on repeat in my office this morning), but I love those five facts about her! I think so many women like her because she’s always smiling and many people fantasize about a prince falling in love with them. From our perspective she is living the ultimate fairytale (but who knows what’s going on behind closed doors). BTW – really like her wedding dress.

  5. Emily

    Her smile makes her seem approachable and genuine/sincere and those are my top 2 BFF necessities. I don’t think I have even heard her speak.

  6. Lorrie Paige

    Hahaha! I love #3. fact. :))

    I haven’t been “following Kate” to know enough to make a good comment about her. The only thing I’d like to say is her wedding dress looked like a wrinkled bed sheet! I was shocked at the way it looked. She does lack in taste.–at least in wedding dresses; tacky and cheap looking. She would have looked A LOT prettier and elegant wearing Vera Wang.

  7. I think you summed it up perfectly 🙂 I like that she says he’s lucky she’s going out with him …. I’m a royal follower, liked Diana and wish her boys well … I truly wish Wills and Kate (Catherine & William aren’t BFF names are they??)

  8. Seems like (since I have no clue of the actuality) she is genuinely a friendly person and since coming into the public eye she works hard to maintain that image.

    I’m made a few changes in my blog – the address, focusing on women oriented content rather than just mommy oriented. I would love your take on it when you get a moment.

  9. L

    BFF Completely! She seems awesome and for some reason it seems easy to feel like you know her… I think that’s why the masses love her so much.

  10. Nora

    She sure meets my bff criteria! I was still thinking back about the article you’ve posted about the cocooning couple, and I’m really afraid of becoming that, as I live with my boyfriend and I feel like he’s substituting as my missing bff. Someone’s comment on that article totally hit home for me because I feel that I’ve been having to do all the leg work first, as in I’m always making the effort to call them first, I travel out (in my case, 500 miles away) just to see them and they do not make the same effort..what are you supposed to do then? Keep making that same effort or find new friends that reciprocate, which in my case, has been very hard.

  11. M

    Kate is def BFF material. What I like about her best is she doesn’t seem to notice that she’s a princess, adored by all. I’ve seen footage of her walking thru these immense crowds and she will stop and chat with someone. You would think they were just sitting together in her apartment or something. She seems to make people feel special. I loved it when she and William went out onto to the balcony to greet the crowsds. When the door opened and she saw the thousands of people stand there she looked completley shocked and said “Oh, wow”

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