Giving Back, Friendship-Style

I mentioned a while back that Matt and I were applying for a Big Brothers Big Sisters couples match, which would connect us with a Little Brother. Well, five months later…we’ve been matched! Last night, we met our “Little.” And I am so excited.

Obviously the type of friendship I am looking for on this blog is quite different than the type of friendship Matt and I will forge with our Little. But it is a friendship no less. And such an important one.

Right now you are thinking that I’m just doing this program to finally have an age-appropriate companion with whom to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Harry Potter museum exhibits. You wouldn’t be all wrong. Being a kid-at-heart myself, this is a more appropriate volunteer opportunity than, say, working at The Humane Soceity. (Also a worthy organization, just not the right fit for someone mildly afraid of dogs.)

But a more important reason than even that (and how could there be anything more important than Harry Potter exhibits, really?) is that I’ve learned so much this year regarding the importance of friendship that I couldn’t resist being a friend to someone who really needs one.

Being a mentor, a Big Sister, is being a “special friend.” Or so says our match specialist. We aren’t there to parent or babysit. We are there to ensure a safe space to have fun and build a relationship of trust. (I know, I just used approximately 45 bits of stuffy corporate jargon. Who uses “safe space” unironically? My apologies.) The point is, I’m getting a new friend, and I’m going to be a new friend. And I have a feeling that had I not started this blog a year ago, I might not be a Big.

So yes, tonight I met my newest mini-pal. And I think it will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

If you’re interested in learning more about Big Brothers Big Sisters, check out their website at I don’t normally tout organizations on this blog, but I really believe in what BBBS does, helping kids “realize their potential and build their futures.”  You’ll be a BFF of a different sort!


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7 responses to “Giving Back, Friendship-Style

  1. Callie

    I think its GREAT that you became a Big Sister and even better that you are doing it together with Matt! I think it is such a great idea for couples to do it together.

  2. Lorrie Paige

    Congratulations! That’s wonderful what you and Matt are doing!

  3. I was looking into this last month and you’ve just motivated me to go back to it. That’s so great you guys have found your match!

  4. Congratulations! I’m sure you will make a fab Big Sis and Brother. Have fun 🙂

  5. Matt

    You don’t like dogs??

  6. Love this Rachel. Kudos to you and your hubby for giving back – frienship style!

  7. Haha I love Harry Potter too, as does the rest of my family. That’s a great idea about the Big Brother and Sister program, I hope it goes well for you and you guys develop a great friendship! 🙂

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