The Latest Movie BFFs: Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin

I’m posting the movie trailer below for a few reasons:

1)    I was perusing (as I do approximately 12 times a day) and the headline read “’Something Borrowed’: Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin Play BFFs In Love With The Same Man.”

2)    Every now and then this blog needs something light and frivolous.

3)    I’ve never read Emily Giffin’s Something Borrowed, but I feel like I’m in the minority and I’ve been told time and again that it’s great, so I like getting the Cliffs Notes from the trailer. (Never mind that the 2:31 trailer seems to give the entire plotline away, that Kate Hudson seems to play the exact same person she did in Bride Wars, and that her character seems like no one anyone would ever be best friends with—who steals their BFFs crush??)

4)    I really really want to know: Has this ever happened to you? Not the romantic comedy happy ending part (I’ve never read the book but I do have a hunch how it ends), but the part about being into the same guy as your best friend? It has happened to me in the early stages—we both think he’s cute—but not in any serious manner. If you’ve been in this scenario please speak up—how did it play out? Are you still friends? Did anyone end up with the guy?


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10 responses to “The Latest Movie BFFs: Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin

  1. Melonie

    Ah yes…Freshman year of college. I went to community school and BFF went away. She came home for spring break and met the guy I was crushing on. The next thing I know, they are “dating”. It didn’t last more than a month but it ruined our friendship. We didn’t speak for 10 years and the crush actually became one of my very best friends so it all worked out for the best anyway. To be honest though, it wasn’t the guy thing that kept me from my BFF, it was trust. She had become someone I didn’t know or like when she went away to school. I tried to get past that but this kind of showed me a side of her I didn’t want any part of. When we did speak again years later, she wasn’t that person anymore. We have gotten together a few times over the years and would actually like to do that more but being 3 states away makes it a bit hard especially with the 5 kids we have between us!

  2. I haven’t read it either. Now I guess I will because I love me some John Krasiniski!!!! And Ginnifer Goodwin. I heart her too. But, yeah…I’m not a Kate Hudson fan.

  3. Ashley

    I hated this book! But I will see this movie because of John Krasinski. I didn’t understand this so -called best friend relationship in the book (not sure how it will play off in the movie). Sleeping with your best friend’s fiance over and over again, but saying you feel badly about it and she’s still your best friend – that’s not a best friend. Or at least not my definition of a best friend. I didn’t care for any of the characters in this book, I didn’t understand the love story or the friendship, but hopefully the movie will make some huge changes from the book.

    • Laura

      Tardy response, but I felt the same way about the book. I know that’s Emily Giffin’s “thing”—to write her female protagonists as flawed people, more like reality, but the end result gives me someone I don’t want to root for. I actually preferred the sequel Something Blue over Something Borrowed. Even if Darcy (Kate Hudson) is a horrible friend, Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) still considers Darcy her BFF and having an affair with Darcy’s fiance is NOT OKAY. If you dislike Darcy, then have a friendship breakup.

  4. Lorrie Paige

    I heard about the film last year some time. I never read the book and, most likely, never will as I don’t care much for the “best-selling” chick lits and their authors–just not good reads to me. I will see the film; I jotted it down on my Day Runner months ago.

  5. Lorrie Paige

    Kate Hudson is OK, or maybe I just want to really like her acting because her family is so phenomenal! Talk about the perfect family; they are so close–as a family and as friends.

    I remember in an interview with Kate, she said she can’t wait to visit her parents (Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn), because they are so cool and fun to be around!

    Who (famous of not) says that about their parents?

    • Joy

      I recall seeing an interview with Kate and her brother — his name escapes me at the moment, but he’s super-handsome. Oh, Oliver, I think that’s it. Anyway, Kate for some reason declared “we are a sexual family” (not sure what the context was), but I remember her brother looking mortified and tried to correct Kate because he realized how wacky that sounded.

      I know Goldie has described how she made the habit of walking around the family home in the nude in front of the children – perhaps that was the topic.

  6. Jenne

    Senior year of HS – my best friend and I were working together. She started dating one of our co-workers – tall, black hair, blue eyes, Greek, soooo handsome! That lasted about 4 months. He waited 1 month and 1 week to come and tell me that he loved me. We dated for a year and a half. My best friend didn’t talk to me for 2+ years, even though we went to college across town from each other and I was always on her campus to hang out with other friends. One time she literally walked right past him and I and never acknowledged either of us. We finally started talking junior year in college and have been close friends ever since – through both of us getting divorced, becoming moms, etc. Reconnected with the guy on Facebook – he married the girl he dated after me and they’ve been together almost 18-19 years. Boys will come & go – girlfriends are forever 🙂

  7. Joy

    It happened to me in 8th grade – if that counts! But unfortunately for me it was the guy who took a shine to my best friend and she reciprocated his affection and attention. I was hurt, but we never spoke about it and our friendship disintegrated. Maybe I subconsciously couldn’t stand her any more!

    Years later she looked me up and we met up for a chat. I found out she married another one of her friend’s ex-boyfriends.

  8. Anonymous

    I am going to watch this movie as Colin Egglesfield is definitely worth seeing. He is originally from the Michigan area, however, he attended college at Illinois Weslyan Univ. in Bloomington, IL. I am not sure about how his family feels about him choosing not to continue with medicine, however I am glad to see that his acting career has soared. Besides it also helps that he is easy on the eyes & (has the brains to go along with it!!!) Colin began his professional career in modeling!! Congrats on your SUCCESS!!!!!

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