Observations From a Snow Day (Take Two)

Still have no Internet, so excuse (again) the brevity of this post.

Yesterday, a friend suggested that perhaps my loss of connection was God’s response to my recent post about unplugging. Well, I can now say with some certainty that I would have a truly hard time with friendship if I didn’t have technology. I got a lot done yesterday, but most of it was of the lonely let-me-clean-my-house-and-pay-bills variety. I even opened some tax forms. That’s how little there was to do. So, conclusion: Without technology I would be very productive, and spend lots of time with the hubby, but friendships would be tough.

Also, I stand by what I said yesterday. Friendliness is at its peak in a snowstorm. I’ve never seen so many people out chatting in the streets. No cars, just people and shovels. Everyone was suddenly best friends with her neighbors. (Whether this was due to the aforementioned loss of technology, and thus they had no one else to talk to, is not clear.)

Thanks for your patience the last two days as I’ve blogged from my phone. Friday we’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming.

For now, what did your snow day look like, if you were so lucky? And did you notice extra-friendliness in the face of blizzard 2011?


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6 responses to “Observations From a Snow Day (Take Two)

  1. anonymous

    We did not have a snow day, but, around these parts, it doesn’t take much. At least not compared to where I’m from – where I did notice the increase in friendliness and community you speak about above.

  2. R

    That’s funny. I noticed the opposite yesterday. Lots of cranky people on my walk home. But, I live in Boston, and this is our fourth major storm in three weeks, so perhaps that is the difference. One trial brings people together. Many trials lead to crankiness and just want to be left aloneness.

  3. Thankfully Living Here In The South Jackson Mississippi We Don’t Have The Problems Of The North. Bad Wintery Snow And Ice Is Not A Problem Here. Thankfully We just Have The Usual, Whats To Be Expected Doing The Winter. After Watching The News My Heart Goes Out To Those Who Are Suffering Under Those Winter blizzards, That Can’t Be No Fun. Most Peoples Are Crying Saying That They Have Had Enough. That Monster Blaster Snow Could Stop Now. Anyhow Maybe Everybody Will Get A Break Soon Hopefully. In The Mean Time At Least U Have Something That Is Working [Technical]. Keep Your Head Up Above The Snow LOL!!!

  4. Lorrie Paige

    It’s too warm to snow in Portland, Oregon. But growing up and living in Detroit, MI most my life, I can relate to your experience–big time!

  5. Lorrie Paige

    Oh, I mean too warm at THIS time; it does snow in Portland–once or twice a year. I miss White Christmases….

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