My Reality TV BFFs. Who Are Yours?

On Saturday night, Entertainment Weekly published a blog post entitled “David Tutera is my reality TV BFF. Who’s yours?”

In case you are wondering (as I was) who David Tutera is, apparently he hosts a show called My Fair Wedding on WE.

I have come to the very surprising realization recently that I don’t actually watch very much reality TV. I came to that conclusion after repeatedly saying, “Oh I actually don’t watch that” in response to people’s comments regarding different shows, assuming that I would watch them because, well, I’m me.

“I actually don’t watch that” has, in the past 30 days, referred to: The Bachelor, Real Housewives of Anywhere, Teen Mom, 16 & Pregnant, Millionaire Matchmaker, American Idol, Bethenny Getting Married, Jersey Shore.

The reality TV I do watch is usually limited to the competition type: Survivor, Top Chef, Biggest Loser.

But still, I couldn’t resist a chance to chime in on a combo of my two favorite topics: TV and Friendship. So here you go—my reality TV BFFs.

1)    Jeff Probst, Survivor. I’ve had a thing for Jeff since I was 18. Embarrassing but true. He’s on my celebs-I’m-allowed-to-sleep-with list. Matt knows this. I actually have a video of him wishing me a happy college graduation. Long—but true!—story. So maybe he’s more my reality TV boyfriend than reality TV BFF, but I’m including him here. Those dimples! That incessant harassing of Survivor contestants and never letting them off the hook for anything! Love.

2)    Sahil and Joel of Girls Who Like Girls Who Like Boys. These guys are very different from each other but equally hilarious. I’ve not been shy about my desire for a Will to my Grace, but unfortunately these men are both taken. But whatever, this is my dream list. I can stake claims.

3)    Samir Patel, National Spelling Bee. Perhaps this doesn’t count as reality TV but I’m going with it. Watching the Scripps National Spelling Bee is one of my favorite traditions, and Samir made it five times. The poor guy never brought home the trophy but he won the viewers’ hearts. Including mine. Wikipedia tells me that people refer to him as “the Tony Romo of Spelling,” which just make me sad.

4) Jay McCarroll, Project Runway Season 1 (Winner). Tim Gunn or Christian Siriano are the obvious choices here and I do love them both. But I feel like Jay was the original style maven to emerge from Project Runway. If you ask me, the show went downhill after the switch to Lifetime, but that’s a discussion for another day.

5) Tiffany Derry, Top Chef. She just seems to have her head on straight. (That phrase makes me feel like my mom, or a middle school teacher, or both, but you know what I mean.) So many reality contestants are nuts, and the chefs especially can  get unnecessarily hostile and full of themselves. She’s funny but calls people out just enough when they are being crazy. I applaud that.

I know there are some reality stars I am missing. I feel like there is one show where the sidekick is sort of the deadpan awesome one, and I can’t figure it out. And I hear I would really love that Bethenny Frankel if I gave her a chance.

Who would make your list? Oh, and don’t forget to check out the Literary BFF and Scripted TV BFF lists.


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6 responses to “My Reality TV BFFs. Who Are Yours?

  1. Khloe Kardashian (only reality show I watch). I actually have a best friend just like her – same sense of humor, same immaturity level, same outgoing personality. Although my bff is a foot shorter and isn’t married to a Laker.

  2. Caroline

    Kimora Lee Simmons —- love her over the top, non-apologizing, loud talking self. She’s the polar opposite of me….I think thats why I like her.

  3. Maria

    Niecy Nash from Clean House. She is not on it any more, but she was the original host, and she was the reason I watched the show. She has a great personality and holds nothing back. There was always a therapy session each show with the families, and she always got right to the heart of the matter as to why there was so much clutter. Love Her!

  4. Kate

    I don’t think this counts as reality TV, but I wouldn’t mind kicking a few back with Anthony Bourdain, even if we had to watch horrible reality television (like Bridalplasty) while doing it.

    Has anyone else heard of this, this Bridalplasty business on E!? Basically, brides-to-be compete and the winner of each show’s challenge gets her choice of plastic surgery procedures. So several shows in, competitors are black and blue with bandages over their noses. My work BFF was telling me about this and I definitely responded with, “Oh I actually don’t watch that.”

  5. I adore Jeff Rpobst and yes PR has gone down hill since the switch. Mondo not the winner? Come on. I also adore Phil from the Amazing Race. Would love to have a cup of coffee with him.

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