We’re Basically Harry, Ron and Hermione

As you’re reading this, if all has gone as planned, I am the owner of a brand new wand. Or a vat of butterbeer.

That’s right. I’m on a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

I know. So nerdy right? It’s awesome!

For the long weekend, I’ve come to Orlando on a girls trip. I’m with two of my oldest and closest friends—both high school pals—and there are no words for how happy I am to be here.

I can’t remember the last time—was there a last time?—that I went on a mini-vacation with friends, just because. I’m at an age where there are lots of bachelorette parties and wedding weekends, so days off are usually reserved for those special occasions. But in this case, three of us decided it was time for a getaway. (In fact, I was so dedicated to really getting away that I wrote this post last Thursday. Part of being with friends is making sure you are not distracted by technology.)

Matt, my husband, is on a friendly trip of his own. He and his four best buddies from high school are in Vegas. When I told a coworker than on MLK day Matt would be gambling and I would be playing quidditch she replied, “Wow, you’re both living your dreams.” So true.

I’ll report back tomorrow. I’m guessing the weekend involved margaritas, the Hogsmeade gift shop, the Golden Globes, hopefully some sun, and mostly lots of laughter and talking ‘till our throats hurt. (And to answer your question… No. I won’t be wearing robes or a sporting a homemade lightning bolt scar. Though I do have a t-shirt that says Muggle. But how lucky am I to have friends that enjoy embracing their kid-at-heart as much as I do?)

Have you ever taken a just-because girls trip? Let’s hear it…


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8 responses to “We’re Basically Harry, Ron and Hermione

  1. Karen A.

    Oh My Goodness Yes! Girl trips are the best! You must included them in your life forever. They can involve destinations or be held in your own back yard, but either way the soul requires a few days each year reserved for extended girl time. Sleep overs are a must and become more so as the years slip by.

    My dream home has six perfect little suites, so each person who comes feels like a queen, but please do not wait for perfection, jump in!

    I want to visit the Wizarding World Harry Potter, glad you are enjoying it.

  2. I can’t wait to hear all about your trip! Sounds fabulous.

    The last girls’ getaway I took was a day trip to Concord, MA, this fall. I’m thinking it’s time for a “real” trip…

  3. LizC

    I’ve taken a few just girls trips. Twice it’s been to destination weddings with the girls from high school. Three of us of that group (of 7) have also gone to Atlanta and St. Louis for 3 day weekends just because. We try to do something every year although obviously all of us don’t always get to go due to money/time constraints.

  4. Very cool! Hope you and your hubby had wonderful trips.
    My girlfriends got married and had kids so quickly, that girlfriend trips were never done. I have a few friends I take day trips with but nothing like away for the weekend. Everyone has kids and obligations they can’t get out of 😦 Jealous about HP and hope it lived up to the hype.

  5. marie

    YES! Girls trips are awesome…and even better when they involve Harry Potter (in my opinion – I too own a T-shirt that says Muggle).

    My three BFFs and I have a system of booking at least one get-together a month (the four of us live in three different cities) and this month – this weekend coming up to be exact – is one of those get-togethers. Instead of the usual brunch or dinner, we are going to Niagara Falls for the weekend!! Cross-border shopping, gambling, dancing and lots of laughs are on the agenda. I cannot wait!!!

    Enjoy the HPo world, hope it lives up to the hype!

  6. I’ve taken a few girls’ trips. One to NOLA for Mardi Gras with a friend from our time in Germany. She’s one of those friends with whom we never talk in real life but when we get together again for those infrequent reunions, we pick back up where we left off. I have a girls’ trip coming up at the end of February with two blogging friends of mine. Mentioned on a whim as somewhat of a joke, it spawned into a four-day getaway to Tampa. I can’t wait!

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  8. Hope you had a great time. I am looking forward to your post about it. Girls trips certainly rock!

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