Friends To Talk About Nothing With

I’m obsessed with this card. It speaks to my favorite types of friendships. Sure, it’s important to have pals with whom you can discuss the important things—career aspirations, romantic problems—but it can be even harder to find a friend with whom you want to talk about the unimportant stuff.

I’ve aspired to this kind of friendship throughout my search. It’s the theory of the four jars of pickles, remember?

Lately, I’ve realized I sort of have one.

You see, my coworkers have become my sounding board for my every random thought. We never call about pickles (or really almost anything else), and rarely text when we’re off the clock. But during the workday, it’s on.

“I’m thinking of buying Birkenstocks,” I’ll tell them.

Or, “NPH would make a great best friend, agree or no?”

My thought process might go like this: As I’m driving home, I’ll hear a song that New Directions covered on Glee. Which will make me think of Santana, who is one of the most underrated voices on the show. Which will remind me of Puck, since they’re sorta dating. I’ll ponder how, while the character is so tough, the actor, Mark Salling, seems like a real sweetheart. Like that ode to Glee he wrote that went viral on YouTube? Which of course makes me think of my new most favorite YouTube video, of the father and daughter singing “Home.” And then, I’ll remember that I haven’t even sent the YouTube link to my coworkers! What was I thinking?

When I realized I can hardly form an opinion during my workday without their two cents, I asked one of my work BFFs if she thought this was getting problematic.

“Sometimes it’s important to run things by a committee,” she said.

I may have needed the committee for the Birkenstocks debate, but I certainly don’t need a one to tell me the YouTube song is amazing. Still, it’s nice to have people to analyze it with. I mean I could talk about its cuteness forever.

I got lucky that I got such great officemates. Do you have someone you’d send this card to? And have you seen my favorite video? Don’t you love them???

Exciting news! MWF Seeking BFF was featured in this week’s In Touch Weekly. There’s an article covering my experience with Rent-a-Friend on page 56 of the Jan. 17 issue, with Kendra on the cover. Check it out! (I wish I could link to it here, but it’s not online. Sorry!)


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6 responses to “Friends To Talk About Nothing With

  1. Rema

    I LOVE THAT CARD! I just bought a card for a friend that said, i’m really glad you are my friend cuz i can borrow your lip balm and not worry that i’ll get herpes” and the whole point of sending the card was to laugh about the card and how much i have borrowed her lip balm and am really thankful she truly does not have herpes. just thought i would share since this was obviously an important announcement I had to make:)
    But in true reaction to your post, if I didn’t have a sounding board that would help me decide if I should get chinchilly or smokin hot for my manicure, or people to tell me for the 50th time not to buy a romper since it is just not attractive on me… then I would be one hot mess. Also, i am very grateful for my friends to whom I can randomly – mid-sentence- sing “i whip my hair back and forth, i whip my hair back and forth” and go on like nothing happened.

  2. Ana

    I’m lucky to have the same with my co-workers. We do a lot of online shopping, job advice, etc… Its really nice to have a ready-to-go sounding board throughout the day.

  3. Adorable video!

    However, I think it’s harder to find deep friendships, friends with whom you can talk about career aspirations and romantic problems. Friends that are closer to what you have at work seem easier to find, for me.

  4. I love that video too!

    I used to do this with my co-workers, before I moved to a new state. And I miss our daily chats about nothing. Great card! I’d totally send it to a dozen of my friends.

  5. I used to work in a place with friends like that, and I miss it! Two great great friends were made when I worked on a show in a teensy little office with them, with no windows. That’s how great friendships are born: no ventilation.

  6. Over lunch with my BFF the other day, I said, “I have something REALLY important to tell you-I’ve discovered that a shot of raspberry flavoring in Starbuck’s hot chocolate is really good!” Everything’s important to a BFF.

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